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About 45,000 students enrolled at the University of Catania, the oldest of Sicily, its foundation dates back to 1434. The teaching organization is handled today by 17 departments, by the Faculty of Medicine, and by two select didactic units established in the decentralized offices of Ragusa (Modern Languages) and Syracuse (Architecture). A particular didactic unit is also the school of excellence "Scuola Superiore di Catania," a higher education center of the University of Catania conceived in 1998 to select the best young minds and offer them a course of studies including analysis, research, and experimentation.
Our main goal is to promote the diffusion of knowledge and educational technologies to ensure, encourage, and accelerate the creation of a professional and entrepreneurial orientation inside the territory. To achieve this purpose, it is essential that the university attracts students of the highest potential, locally and internationally, and delivers our students an excellent educational experience: offering method, efficiency, and efficacy, to increase the prestige of the institution and its attractiveness students. Therefore, our mission is to give all students, during their period at our university, high-quality teaching, innovation, and research activities that make the university a unique experience. Accordingly, the Athenaeum plays a vital role in the Mediterranean area, enhancing projects of cooperation and dialogue between cultures and promoting international networks among universities. In particular, Catania has always played an active role in promoting cooperation and cultural exchanges for centuries, in the Mediterranean area and Europe, within a secure and ever-growing international community.
The University of Catania considers the internationalization process to be of profound importance for its development. Therefore, it is willing to adopt strategic plans to improve such process, thanks to some different actions to be realized in a short time and some others requiring longer times for their effectiveness but all pursuing the goal of raising its visibility, reputation, and attractiveness. The University of Catania is the oldest of the Italian South-centre universities. It manifests some excellences in terms of didactics and research thanks to particular synergies and specific collaborations with several research institutes operating in its territory, such as C.N.R., I.N.A.F., I.N.F.N., I.N.G.V.

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