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Università Bocconi, founded in 1902, was the first Italian University to grant a degree in economics. For a century, Bocconi has played a leading role in Italy's social and economic modernization. It has remained true to its founding values of being a major research university, with democratic values and open to the world, and financially and politically independent.
Università Bocconi believes that excellence can only be based on a person's academic profile as well as on his or her values and cultural and ethical background. This is why the University offers numerous activities, special occasions for people to enrich their knowledge.
For post-experience management education Bocconi started in 1971 SDA Bocconi School of Management, engaged in MBA, Specialized Master Programs, and Open Enrollment/Customized Executive Education.
Our students want a focused and valuable education that will help them grow. Bocconi delivers. Our economics, management, and finance programs are among the best in the world. The QS World University Rankings listed us among the ten best institutions in Europe in these fields. At the same time, the Financial Times ranks our Master's degrees in Finance and Management among the top ten worldwide.
We keep our offer in step with an ever-changing society: programs that delve into data analysis and political science create new opportunities for you in growing fields.
Bocconi goes beyond qualifications and challenges you to learn more about yourself.
Our University was founded on the principles of social and economic progress. More than a century on, we continue to teach students to pursue their ambitions while maintaining strong ethics and values.
Our programs develop and challenge students who are keen to grow, inside and outside of their studies. We offer a range of extra-curricular programs that help build confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills, from sports clubs such as football, basketball, and water polo, to performing arts, yoga, and relaxation techniques.
We are based in a city of culture, and our students have a world of art, music, and theater at their fingertips. Every year, our Bocconi Art Gallery initiative shines a light on contemporary art in collaboration with international artists and prominent galleries.
Our students leave Bocconi with quality education and a broad understanding of the wonder and opportunity in the world.
Bocconi students are respected around the world for their values, experience, understanding, and leadership. Our historical focus on developing more than just academic skills helps students to collaborate and drive change. We produce confident, adaptable graduates who are ready to take on the challenges of our global society.
We believe that hands-on experience is vital when it comes to learning. Bocconi students are encouraged to take on internships and placements in Italy, and we are linked to some of the world's largest companies in fields from fashion to finance. For example, in our Bachelor of Science program, students can spend 3-12 weeks at a company or institution in Italy or abroad. Graduate students must pursue an internship to graduate, and many of those result in a job offer.
Bocconi also provides vital support for those who are considering their next step. Companies worldwide advertise through our Career Service, giving you the chance to work at top firms around the world.
The Bocconi&Jobs fair introduces our students to major international employers from a range of industries. Bocconi&Jobs is held twice a year on campus, and periodically in major centers like London, Paris, and Shanghai.
Università Bocconi was established in Milan in 1902, with a generous endowment from Ferdinando Bocconi, a wealthy merchant. Named for his lost son, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi became the first Italian institution of higher education to grant a degree in economics.
Since its inception, Bocconi has stood for liberalism, pluralism, and social and economic progress. While a private institution, Bocconi has traditionally been more than an elite university. It has consistently promoted and practiced equality of opportunity among its many generations of students by actively subsidizing disadvantaged and deserving students' education. In the words of its first Rector and President, Leopoldo Sabbatini, Bocconi's mission is to "promote harmony between school and life."
Today, Bocconi is a research university of international standing in business, economics, and law. National and supranational institutions fund their research projects. Being a primary node in the European and global network of business and economics universities, Bocconi exchanges faculty and cooperates on large projects with like-minded European and American universities and business schools. Bocconi has close relations with major corporations and international agencies, as well as their managers and officials, and regularly interact with the business and economic environment to assess new issues, implement new techniques, and start new research endeavors.
Università Bocconi has an Undergraduate School, a Graduate School, a School of Law, and a Ph. D. School. SDA Bocconi School of Management, founded in 1971, takes care of post-experience management education.
Bocconi grants Bachelor, Master of Science, and Ph.D. degrees in Management, Economics, Law, and other disciplines. It also offers several post-experience programs and administers hundreds of advanced courses to managers and professionals in all realms of private and public management.
In keeping with its founders' ideals, Bocconi seeks to address the research and education needs of the European and global economy by favoring cultural progress, international exchange, and economic integration. Bocconi conceives higher education as a continuous process that spans the entire professional life of an individual. The University promotes economic advancement and civic values by instilling in Bocconians solid analytical skills and a strong emphasis on ethics to contribute to the innovation and development of European business and society.
Bocconi University has adopted a strategic plan for the five years from 2016 to 2020. The plan, approved by the University Board in June 2015, analyzes the significant trends affecting higher education in the international and domestic contexts, sets out the strategic position of Bocconi, and outlines the main objectives and strategies which will guide the actions of the University over the five years. The plan also describes the operations and initiatives designed to achieve the main objectives. Given the rapidly changing scenario - which could be affected by evolving market conditions, competitive environments, and technology-specific actions and initiatives may need to adapt to evolving circumstances.

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