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Accademia Teatro Alla Scala


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The curriculum comprises four departments – Music, Dance, Stage Workshops, Management – with some thirty courses for over one thousand students from every corner of the world: approximately 500 for professional courses and 500 for beginning courses.
The teaching method provides daily field experiences in the form of concerts, performances, exhibitions, and seminars, culminating in the Academy Project, a yearly feature of the Teatro Alla Scala opera season produced entirely by students.
Other proposals in various areas complement the educational activities: the Education and Outreach Area, providing workshops and learning initiatives for students and instructors in schools of all types and levels, in order to spread knowledge of the performing arts and related professions, and the Cultural Cooperation Area, offering international research and collaboration projects promoted by the European Community or by local governments to export the La Scala model of professional training.
L’Accademia Teatro Alla Scala was established on 19 December 2001 by the following founder members: Fondazione Teatro Alla Scala di Milano (the Foundation of the La Scala Theatre, Milan), Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Milano (the Milan Chamber of Commerce), Politecnico di Milano (Milan Polytechnic) and Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi di Milano (the Luigi Bocconi University, Milan). Following in the footsteps of the artistic and cultural tradition of the La Scala theatre in Milan, the Foundation’s role is to promote, foster and increase the teaching, training, updating, and orientation of anyone intending to dedicate themselves, or already dedicating themselves, to activities relating to culture, the musical arts and the theatre, in particular the training of artistic, technical and administrative middle managers, fostering or encouraging all initiatives designed to extend and spread the knowledge of these disciplines.
Given the complexity of the situations in which the Foundation has to operate, it is essential to define clearly and unambiguously the set of values that the Foundation recognizes, accepts, and shares, as well as the responsibilities that the Foundation assumes towards the internal and external world.
The aim is to base the behavior and way of working in both relationships within the Foundation itself and those with outside parties on propriety, equity, integrity, loyalty, and professional rigor, making full compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which the Foundation operates the focus of attention, as well as the observance of business procedures.
The orientation towards ethics (transparency, loyalty, and honesty in behavior towards the internal and external world) is an essential approach for credibility in the behavior of the Foundation towards its Founders, students and, more generally, the whole civil and economic sphere in which it operates, in order to convert the knowledge and appreciation of the values that widely enliven how L’Accademia Teatro Alla Scala works into a competitive advantage.
The basic principles and values agreed and recognized by the Foundation are as follows: Legality, Integrity and impartiality, Promotion of the arts, Trust, Sharing, Teamwork, Transparency, and completeness of information, Responsibility towards society, Standards of conduct towards minors, Possession of pornographic material, Policy towards personnel.
Our history is a two-hundred-year long road. If we wish to find the roots of Teatro Alla Scala’s vocation for transmitting to the coming generations the priceless living heritage of talent and knowledge of the La Scala masters – not just dance and opera, but also creativity and manual skills – we must go back to 1813 and the founding of the Imperial Regia Accademia di Ballo, today’s Ballet School.
The creation of the Scuola di Cadetti Della Scala in 1950, forebear of today’s distinguished Academy of Lyric Opera, and the Course for Charge Artists in 1970 ushered in the ongoing development of professional training at Teatro Alla Scala.
The progressive diversification of the curriculum under the stewardship of Carlo Fontana led to the creation of the Schools, Training, and Development Department in 1991 and the institution of the independent Fondazione Accademia Teatro Alla Scala in 2001. Partnering with Teatro Alla Scala in this initiative are the Region of Lombardy, the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Bocconi University, the Milan Polytechnic, Fondazione Bracco and the City of Milan. They are supported by a sizeable group of foundations, associations, businesses, individual patrons, and public institutions such as the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provides scholarships for `international students.

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