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The King's University College


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King's is a Christian post-secondary institution located in Edmonton, Alberta. The university serves students and communities across Alberta, Western Canada, and internationally. King's is a place where professors and staff believe the world can be studied best when acknowledging that it was created by and belongs to God. Come to campus, and you'll see friendly, welcoming faces. We do our best to reflect the love and grace of Jesus Christ to all students, regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, or other identities.

King's provides refined liberal arts programs taught by world-class and national award-winning professors. We receive top rankings and national recognition for student-faculty engagement, our supportive campus, and teaching quality. All bachelor, diploma, and certificate programs are fully accredited by the provincial and federal governments, Campus Alberta Quality Council, Universities Canada, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, and numerous other organizations, institutions, and professional organizations.

The King's University exists to provide university education that inspires and equips learners to bring renewal and reconciliation to every walk of life as followers of Jesus Christ, the Servant-King. To be widely known as a Christian university serving to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

The educational philosophy of The King's University is rooted in the historic Christian faith and seeks to work out concretely what the Christian faith means for a liberal arts education. We believe that all teaching and learning occurs within contexts of views of Life and society. The context for education at The King's University is a specifically Christian world-and-life view, meaning a view that is informed by the Bible, the authoritative Word of God as confessed by the early church, and in the creeds of the Protestant Reformation. From the Bible, we derive the following principles which provide the framework for education at The King's University:

  • Creation: that humanity and the entire world find their origin, meaning, and purpose in God the Creator and Jesus Christ the Redeemer.
  • Sin: that humanity, by its original disobedience, broke its relationship with God and caused God's curse on creation.
  • Redemption: that Christ, the Word Incarnate, is the Redeemer who restores the relationship between God and God's creation and who renews Life through the Holy Spirit.
  • Human Life: All of Life, including teaching and Learning, is service either to the God of the Scriptures or to a god of human invention.
  • Teaching and Learning: that teaching and Learning must proceed in the light of God's written Word and accordance with God's Creation order.
  • Teachers and Students: that teachers and students, as image-bearers of God, are, in mutual respect, to fulfill their calling to develop the earth and serve God and their neighbor in education.

WE VALUE community…

  • mutual encouragement, openness, and respect among students, staff, and faculty
  • growth and maturity as Christians in all aspects of our lives
  • our founding Reformed tradition for its convictions that our world belongs to God and that the redemptive work of Christ embraces all things
  • the diverse Christian faith traditions of our faculty, staff, and students who enrich our academic community intellectually and spiritually
  • our supporting constituency for its vision and dedication
  • our calling to contribute to the public good
  • collaboration with individuals, institutions, and governing authorities in higher education

and Learning…

  • interest in exploring all dimensions of our world
  • learning marked by openness, delight, and awe
  • the creative and critical pursuit of knowledge and wisdom
  • the unfolding of creative gifts and talents
  • interdisciplinary Learning
  • excellence in teaching, learning, and research
  • student engagement in learning and research

For service...

  • global awareness shaped by respect for our neighbors
  • social transformation rooted in a biblical vision of justice and compassion
  • care for creation
  • stewardship of all our resources


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