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Szent István University strives to become a leading and significant international institution of higher education and knowledge in the Carpathian Basin, uniquely unifying the spectrum of agriculture and other connected disciplines at a national level.
Our mission is to serve Hungary's economic and social progress in close cooperation with our partners and contribute to the renewal and development of the countryside and agriculture with outstanding education, research and development, counseling, and innovation activities. We participate in activities in all areas of agricultural sciences and disciplines of natural, mechanical, and social sciences necessary to develop agriculture, food, and rural economics.
To achieve these goals, the following programs are specifically featured in the training and research portfolio: rural development, agricultural science, horticulture, viticulture, enology, food science, food safety, agricultural economics, water management, agri-food mechanical engineering, renewable energy management, environment and landscape management, landscape architecture, management of the agricultural and humanmade rural environment, architecture, and civil engineering.
Our graduates' extensive and competitive professional knowledge, the recognition and acknowledgment of our scientific findings on both the national and international levels, and the implementation of our research and development practices in enterprises' everyday operations all indicate our future success.
We aim to become Hungary's most outstanding agricultural University and determine rural and agricultural development. Our student numbers increase; our scientific results grow, innovation potential expands, international acknowledgment increases, and our partners' range widens. The University's primary task is to provide multilevel, multilingual, student-centered education in harmony with scientific progress and prevailing societal requirements.
Szent István University offers its students scientific advancement and professional opportunities on their career path while offering highly elaborated, new generation training programs to its excellent students most committed to sciences. SZIU seeks to broaden and popularise agricultural career options as its primary mission. To accomplish far-reaching activities at a superior level, the University operates an excellent organization that meets all-determining conditions for quality-centered task performance with the help of its elaborate and continually developed professional management.

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