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Zuyd has many different courses of high quality. You get much personal attention during your study. All programs are practice-oriented so that you are a sought after professional after the course. At Zuyd you are also useful if you want to do part of your studies abroad. There are many opportunities for exchange or internship. Because of the location in the border area, the foreign country is close, but there are also possibilities if you prefer to go further away.

Zuyd's mission is short and decisive: professionals develop with Zuyd. Zuyd Hogeschool considers students as future professionals. We are an open knowledge institute where professionals at every stage of their development work together across disciplines and organizations to transfer, develop, and apply high-quality, practical knowledge. From our mission, we manage five promises that reflect what our stakeholders can address to us:

  • Students support becoming sought-after professionals.
  • Helping professionals to remain successful and valuable.
  • Working together with companies, organizations, and professional practice to fulfill their knowledge needs.
  • Stimulating practical knowledge development around our focal points.
  • Use our resources efficiently and responsibly.

See, for example, which facilities you can use at various locations. Zuyd offers personal guidance for you as a student. Zuyd is particularly suitable for students with a disability, students who want to combine top sport with studying, and students who want to study abroad. With Zuyd, you can also brush up on your maths and profitably exercise. We find it essential that you have a friendly and pleasant time with us. That is why we are curious about the feedback from students so that we can make timely adjustments. For complaints, you can contact the ombudsman or the Legal Protection Desk. Zuyd University of Applied Sciences does everything to make your time at the university as pleasant as possible. As a Zuyd student, you can also make use of excellent facilities and facilities.

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