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The University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual (English-French) university in the world. Located at the heart of Canada's capital, we have ready access to our country's great institutions. Our advances in social sciences, health, engineering, science, and the humanities make uOttawa a unique place to learn, grow, and excel. With Destination 2020, the University of Ottawa's strategic plan, we came together to set ambitious goals for the future. Our vision is to make the University of Ottawa, one of the great universities of our time, with a reputation to match its achievements.

The time has come to start another dialogue. This is about the changes we need to put in place to maintain our momentum while managing our finances and responding to the province's challenge to differentiate. Let's decide together how we can achieve our common goals, given changing circumstances. This is about building our future, building the University we want.

This is why we are launching Roadmap@Destination 2020 (highlights), an open and responsive dialogue that will enable us to achieve our ambitious goals while addressing new realities. This is an inspiring vision. A good university must do certain things well:

  • Prepare young people to find their place in the world
  • Enable faculty to share their knowledge and to pursue discovery
  • Support its employees as they provide exceptional quality services to its students
  • A great university takes these ideas to heart, and then asks: What more can we contribute to our community and our world?

In the past decade, our University has grown in many ways. We are now the largest bilingual university in the world. Our programs have increased to more than 450, in every field of human endeavor, and our plan for the future aims to strengthen every student connection element. At the University of Ottawa, we offer our students a truly unique educational and cultural experience.

The University of Ottawa is a top 10 Canadian research university. Our people can be found working on the frontiers of virtually every field of human endeavor, making us top of mind for industry and government when seeking particular expertise and fresh insight. Our curiosity keeps the University's brilliant minds engaged as they grow from students to scholars, citizens, and specialists.

We believe that curiosity is at the heart of every academic pursuit. A desire to learn, the courage to question, and a passion for discovery are present in everything we do. The University of Ottawa embodies the Canadian spirit. We believe in measured, intelligent choices, democratically made by people who are thoughtful and well informed. We debate issues with passion and openness while respecting each other's views. Our University is the place where students discover how they can make their contribution to these Canadian ideals.

The University of Ottawa presents a new tool that allows you to send your comments and suggestions with great ease. You may also propose improvements to our programs and services or draw the attention of the Administration Committee member to the questions that you hold close to your heart. We are listening!

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