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The University of Lethbridge fosters an environment that meets students' educational and personal needs through excellent teaching, exposure to research, interaction with professors and instructors, academic advising, counseling, and cultural, recreational, and extracurricular programs. We value and support many approaches to teaching and learning. We strive to be a leader in using teaching tools, techniques, and technologies to facilitate, ameliorate, and refine the educational experience.
We provide undergraduate and graduate programs in education, fine arts, health sciences, humanities, management, nursing, sciences, and social sciences, leading to academic degrees at the Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral levels. We offer programming at two campuses - Lethbridge and Calgary. This year more than 8,000 students from around the world call our campuses home. Our student body has grown by 50 percent in the last ten years, phenomenal growth among institutions in Canada. Despite this growth, we have remained true to who we are - student-focused, research-intensive, and grounded in liberal education. Our graduates face the world with confidence - not only in their education but also in their ability to succeed in their careers.
In my seventh year as President of the University of Lethbridge, I give you my commitment that your University will continue our commitment to the individual student and to providing each student with the most vital and engaging learning environment in the country. We extend a personal invitation to you to visit our campuses in Lethbridge and Calgary to learn more about our University, the people who study and work here, and the more than 41,000 alumni worldwide who have contributed to our tremendous success the last 50 years.
The President & Vice-Chancellor has general supervision over and direction of the operation of the University [Post‐Secondary Learning Act (PSLA), Section 81 (3)]. In addition to the President's powers as described in the Post‐Secondary Learning Act, the powers, duties, and functions of the President are mandated by the Board of Governors (the "Board") of the University. The President reports to and is accountable to the Board.
The President provides leadership to generate and sustain an academic and administrative vision of what the University should be that optimizes the university's development. The President ensures that University objectives are achieved, and the University's quality and future assured. The President is responsible for carrying out all of the duties required in the capacity as President & Vice‐Chancellor with General Faculties Council ("GFC"), the Senate, The University of Lethbridge Faculty Association, other employee groups, and the general public, as well as working closely with and in concert with the Board.

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