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Ovidius University of Constanta


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Ovidius University is the largest University in Europe to the Black Sea coast. Located in Constanta, the largest town in Dobrogea and Romania throughout Southeastern University is a blooming economic region, a cultural bridge between the West and the East, the European Union's eastern gate.
Ovidius University is a public institution of higher education founded in 1961; it became in 1990 a multidisciplinary university with programs for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate quality accreditation recognized by national and international institutions with high confidence. With over 15,000 students, Ovidius is the largest University in the Black Sea Area. University named after Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso, who lived the last part of life in Tomis Constanta city last Greek colony. He has left a cultural heritage of all humankind, sending generations to come, through ancient Methamorphosys myths, a message about passion and dedication, about the power of love, creation, evolution, and transformation.
Ovidius University's mission is to create, maintain, and distribute knowledge to society through education, scientific research, and artistic creation to European standards. University is community service but has an impact across the Black Sea area, in Europe and beyond.
Within the European Union, Ovidius University is the largest University in the Black Sea. Our vision is to be recognized as a regional leader in higher education and scientific research, to be the first option in students' preferences from the entire area of the Black Sea and beyond. We are a gateway to western Europe and aspires to attract a more significant number of Romanian and international students and teachers and researchers of the most talented. We strive to achieve the highest European standards in the quality of education programs at all three cycles of modern study to prepare graduates to compete on the labor market in Romania, the European Union, and worldwide. We intend to become a pole of excellence in education and research. We want to generate advanced knowledge through scientific research, technological development, and innovation in various human activity fields, in partnership with national and international prestige. We intend to devote to Ovidius University's exceptional reputation as a cultural center, a beacon that lights the way knowledge and culture enthusiasts. We want to take advantage of the environment so diverse and so open in terms of ethnic, religious, and cultural, as a resource of expertise gained within the University to spread the light of freedom of thought and expression, human rights, and equity social across the Black Sea area and beyond.
Ovidius University studied more than 15,000 students, guided by 650 teachers and researchers, supported by over 300 employees in administration and services. University is multidisciplinary, ensuring students' training programs covering all levels of education, from undergraduate to masters and Ph.D., which are added various teacher training courses, courses for teaching grades, residency, etc. Areas of study cover a vast range, from medical sciences to engineering, from humanities to the sciences, the natural sciences to economics and legal, from the arts to theology. The University currently has 86 undergraduate degree programs in 44 fields, 76 masters, and four doctoral schools in eight study fields.
Once implemented in the Bologna process, starting with the 2005-2006 academic year, the University Ovidius became part of the European Higher Education Area, offering diplomas recognized both in the EU and beyond. Moreover, supplements diplomas are bilingual, being written both in Romanian and in English. Ovidius University is nationally and internationally accredited. In 2009 the University had covered stages and achieved institutional accreditation certification RAQAHE with high confidence. Following the Ministry of Education's assessment in 2011, Ovidius University was ranked in the category of education and scientific research. Next year, the University has gone through evaluation stages and has obtained the certification EN ISO 9001: 2008 conducted by TÜV Austria. The evaluation by experts of the European University Association (EUA) in 2013 confirmed the high-quality standards of activities in the University. It made recommendations that allowed current management and healthy development of curricula.
Set in the analysis and rethinking curricula and teaching techniques, Ovidius University offers its students at the center. University examines new ways for students to acquire both specialized skills and transversal skills, enabling them to enter the market chances in a globalized and highly competitive workforce. University is meant to form characters. Aware that the ethical and moral values are based on a solid construction built either an institution or a human personality, the University promotes the integrity of teachers and students, promoting practices and fair evaluation and promotion criteria. Moreover, our graduates are prepared as citizens, in the spirit of freedom of thought and expression, respect and human rights, accountability, and citizenship.
University demonstrated, over time, the ability to develop in students the skills necessary for future leaders. The courses and practical work students put topical issues that lead them to think about solutions to a diverse and dynamic world. Practical activities allow students to assert their creativity and initiative, perseverance, and entrepreneurship.

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