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Welcome to St. Thomas University, the small University of significant opportunities, We believe smaller is better. Our small size it the reason we can give each one of our students a great university experience full of opportunity. Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, St. Thomas is a small, primarily undergraduate university dedicated to Excellence in liberal arts education. The Bachelor of Arts is the heart of our academic community, with more than 30 programs in the humanities and social sciences. For more than 100 years, our small, supportive community has been bonded by a shared commitment to the liberal arts and social justice.
Our 1,800 Bachelor of Arts students engage in a broad and rigorous education through exceptional offerings in traditional disciplines such as Psychology, English, Political Science, and Fine Arts, and more unique programs that offer increased value to our world today—Communications and Public Policy, Criminology, Gerontology, Human Rights and Journalism. Our students participate in experiential learning opportunities—service learning, fieldwork, internships, and practicums, travel study, lab work—that allow them to use their education in practical settings and experience the value of a liberal arts education to society.
We believe the liberal arts are the best preparation for a life as a leader, a professional, and a global citizen. Our alumni are our proof. Our post-degree programs in Education and Social Work complement the Bachelor of Arts community and offer students outstanding training through course work and practicums.
University is an exciting time. It is a time for personal and intellectual growth. It is an opportunity for students to learn more about the world and themselves. New interests, new friends and new experiences help take students into the next chapter of their lives. This time can always present challenges. That is why we are committed to providing a learning environment second to none, academic, and personal support for when it is needed and opportunities that provide students the experiences they need to reach their academic and professional goals.
Classes – Every single class is small and intimate. Capped at 60 students, our average class size is 29, and upper-year classes are even smaller. Classes are discussion and debate based, and professors can get to know their students and offer individualized attention. 100% of our full-time faculty have their Ph.D. or highest degrees in their fields.
Teaching Excellence – 91% of first-year students rate their experience as excellent or good. One reason is that the emphasis on teaching, academic challenge, and developing new thinking skills are rated among the highest in Canada. Financial Aid – The University dedicates $1.8 million to student financial aid every year. With more than 40 different kinds of scholarships and bursaries available, there are many ways to offset tuition costs. Support – Our Student Services Department supports students every step of the way. Offering resources for academic support, career planning, stress management, and more, students have a team of people to help them through their time at University.
Opportunities – A university degree is about more than just attending class. Our students attend national conferences, study abroad, publish their research, and work on professional research with professors. They take on leadership roles in student government and residence life, work part-time jobs on campus, and intern and volunteer throughout the city.
St. Thomas University is a small, Catholic institution whose central liberal arts program is complemented by professional programs in education and social work. St. Thomas University takes pride in and seeks to nurture its Catholic and humanistic heritage, its concern for social issues, its interaction with the community beyond the campus, and its sensitivity to individual students' needs. A strong sense of community unites its alumni, students, staff, faculty, and friends.
We are a liberal arts institution whose roots are in the faith and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. We continue under its sponsorship. We provide an atmosphere hospitable to faith. The academic study of the Roman Catholic tradition and the experience of the Christian life may be pursued with respect and freedom and were non- Catholic faculty and students are recognized and supported as full and equal participants in the University community.
We are a university primarily concerned with people, ideas, and values. We are an institution with a social conscience. We are united in the belief that women and men of divergent backgrounds and abilities should have an opportunity to learn and practice critical thought and realize their intellectual potential in an academic setting that is both responsive and stimulating.
The liberal arts, and the principles of liberal education, stand at the core of St. Thomas University. Finding new and more effective ways of studying the liberal arts is a priority. We contend that one of the University's roles is to help people put ideas and values into action. In that belief, we offer professional programs that reflect the knowledge, methods, and values of the liberal arts disciplines.
We take pride in welcoming students who show potential and those of proven ability those who pursue a traditional academic career and those who do not like those who study part-time and study full time. We want our students to succeed, grow in self-esteem, and experience the joy of intellectual accomplishment. We provide an educational environment where faculty are accessible, flexible, and committed to excellence in teaching. We encourage our faculty to examine teaching and learning critically. We foster scholarship and research because we recognize their role in the advancement of knowledge and sustain the quality of teaching and the intellectual life of the University.
We believe that learning engages the whole person we seek to provide an environment conducive to enriching student life. In this regard, pastoral care is of particular concern. Our shared campus with the University of New Brunswick provides our students and faculty with the best of two worlds—the advantages of a small, intimate, academic community and the amenities of a much larger institution. We take full advantage of this arrangement, upholding our obligations under the affiliation agreement we have with our neighboring institution, and seeking new avenues of cooperation and partnership beneficial to both communities.
We strive to preserve the tradition of academic freedom. We seek to provide a learning and working atmosphere free of discrimination, injustice, and violence, and that is responsive, understanding, open, and fair. We see ourselves as an essential community resource. We welcome the opportunity to share our facilities, talents, and expertise with others to form partnerships with groups and organizations—whether they are next door or around the world—whose mission, goals, and objectives are in harmony with our own and to provide cultural, religious, artistic, athletic, and social programming that enhances the quality of life of our city and our province.
His Strategic Plan is the result of extensive consultation with our community. During that process, bright and positive themes emerged about the future of St. Thomas University. St. Thomas University is a special place for those who study and work here. Our small size, a strong sense of community, and focus on social justice are characteristics that we want to preserve. Many features make us distinct in the post-secondary sector, including our singular focus on undergraduate liberal arts education, the quality of our faculty, select and high-quality programs, the informal and friendly culture on campus, and the beauty and accessibility of our campus, to name a few.
The recent celebration of our centenary was a critical moment for our University — it was a time to reflect on our history and accomplishments. It was also an occasion to consider where we are going and whom we want to be. Like every University, St. Thomas University is not just an institution; it is a living body of students, scholars, administrators, and stewards. It is a vibrant and diverse community of people, each with their individual goals. This strategic plan reflects the shared aspirations of our community and seeks to nurture those diverse interests which work together to form a shared vision.
As we begin our second century, we will build on our existing strengths and strive to be on the leading edge of developments that enable our students and faculty to flourish. Doing so will be critical to achieving our long-term vision of being the premier liberal arts undergraduate university in Canada. Our purpose is to provide you with a broad academic foundation for more focused academic study during your upper years. During the first half of your degree, you study topics that interest you, discover what motivates you, and learn about various issues and perspectives. By later years—through your studies and mentorship from professors—you have a better idea of what you want from your education, and how you can take what you are learning into your career.

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