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Simon Fraser University - Vancouver


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Simon Fraser University's Vancouver campus transformed the landscape of urban education in downtown Vancouver. Today, the campus comprises eight facilities covering over half a million square feet, clustered in the core of one of the world's most liveable cities.

Our vision? To be a hub where life-long learning, community engagement, arts and culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship intersect and thrive to provide solutions to local, regional, national, and global matters.

The Mission of Simon Fraser University is to be the leading engaged university, defined by its dynamic integration of innovative education, cutting-edge research, and far-reaching community engagement. Reflecting that mission and contextualizing it within its downtown setting, SFU Vancouver's mission is to enhance its status as a dynamic, engaged, and accessible urban university campus.

SFU's Vancouver campus plays a crucial role in the intellectual, civic, cultural, economic, and social development of the city's urban core. The Vancouver campus is the university's locus of engagement with the downtown community through impactful research, innovative programs for undergrads, grads and working professionals, hundreds of public seminars and performances, and multiple forms of deep community engagement.

There is growing recognition that universities play an indispensable role in improving society through innovation, knowledge mobility, cutting-edge research, and deep and meaningful community engagement.

SFU's Vancouver campus is ideally positioned to enhance the university's vital role through:

  • Forging new partnerships that draw upon the university's intellectual resources to solve real-world problems
  • Further, develop internal working groups to increase SFU's community impact
  • Explore ways to help more students stay engaged and graduate earlier
  • Use the Vancouver location as the hub for global engagement across the faculties
  • Attract more clients to use our facilities for conferences and seminars
  • Build students' capacity to be innovative, critical and imaginative thinkers
  • Demonstrate the social, economic, cultural and technological value-added by SFU's programs, faculty, and students

Maintaining and strengthening SFU's position as an urban university

Serving the broader community will rest on how well the following factors are addressed:

  • Building stronger ties with our external partners
  • Implementing an extended range plan for space utilization and expansion
  • Facilitating closer working relationships between faculty, programs, and locations
  • Upgrading classrooms, technology, washrooms and common areas to contemporary standards
  • Demonstrating how SFU Vancouver's research, innovation and community engagement activities have multiple and sustainable social, economic, health, cultural and civic benefits
  • Securing appropriate space for growing programs


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