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MIT is registered by Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) as a higher education provider (TEQSA Provider Identification Number: 12138), and TEQSA accredits our courses. TEQSA is Australia’s independent national regulator of the higher education sector, including public universities in Australia. TEQSA ensures that all public and private higher education providers meet the Higher Education Standards Framework or the Threshold Standards to be accredited to deliver tertiary level programs within Australia’s higher education system. MIT is also registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS Provider No: 01545C, 03245K (NSW)) to provide overseas students courses.

MIT provides a suite of undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs to domestic and international students in Business, Accounting, Information Technology, Computer Networking, and Engineering (Telecommunications). Also, the institute offers NEAS endorsed English language programs through its English Language Centre. MIT has two campuses, located in the heart of most liveable cities globally, Melbourne and Sydney. Aptly located in the heart of the CBDs, both the campuses are easily accessible by Public transport.

MIT believes that everyone deserves access to tertiary education. When people choose to pursue higher education, they are genuinely seeking to improve their situation. MIT proudly provides students with an opportunity to learn, better their job future and career progression by providing students with access to a rigorous academic curriculum with a focus on career outcomes, provide teaching and learning by qualified academic and professional staff one-on-one basis and a wide range of personalized support services enhancing student engagement and experience to allow our students to reach their full potential.

MIT continues to be a leading private higher education provider nationally and internationally by proactively developing innovative educational programs to meet industry needs and by a commitment to inspire tomorrow’s graduates. Through its higher education programs and personalized and transformational student experience, MIT provides the opportunity for individuals to access knowledge and enrich and transform their futures. Goals and Priorities:

  • Develop and deliver innovative programs that meet industry and market needs.
  • Provide an inclusive, service-oriented culture focused on student outcomes.
  • Raise our profile and the impact of our teaching and learning and student engagement with our stakeholders.
  • Provide inclusive, innovative, and responsible education.

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