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Laurentian University is committed to accountability. We provide detailed information on our activities and offerings to students, parents, government, and the public. Collectively, universities participate in several initiatives that provide students and their families with information to help them make informed education choices. A wealth of information is available on the Ontario Universities' Application Center, eINFO, and CUDO websites. In addition to the above, Laurentian also provides relevant information to the public and the government to demonstrate that we make effective use of our resources. We prepare annual reports for the community, including detailed financial statements and multi-year plans. Laurentian also has entered into a signed accountability agreement with the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities. It also provides numerous reports each year on the use of the funds the Ministry provides.
Laurentian University is an ideal environment for advanced learning with smaller classes and the opportunity to research professors with international reputations. Our graduate curriculum builds on an unbroken tradition of innovative programs and ground-breaking research. We are proud of our value-added, high-quality graduate education that offers you every opportunity to become involved in the invigorating intellectual environment at Laurentian.
Laurentian is home to a wealth of creative minds, and students benefit from the expertise of professors with international experience. To support our faculty and students, Laurentian has more than a dozen research centers, many laboratories, and an array of cutting-edge research facilities – some are the first of their kind in Canada. Due to its location and setting, the campus itself serves as a vast outdoor laboratory for research in health, biology, geology and the environment.
At Laurentian, the added flexibility of customizing your degree to include concentrations, minors, majors, and specializations allows students to differentiate themselves in the workforce. The extra credits in the specialty of choice can often be the determinant factor in the hiring process. By providing these options, Laurentian sets the stage for successful graduates who are passionate about their future.
We have award-winning programs, a multi-cultural learning atmosphere, and a breath-taking campus. We have a proven track record in preparing graduates for a bright and rewarding future. In the Maclean's University Ranking, Laurentian is positioned in the top 10 for primarily undergraduate universities.
92% of our graduates find an excellent job within 6-months of receiving their diplomas. We have been #1 in Ontario in this category for the last six years. Laurentian graduates also earn among the highest salaries of any Ontario graduates.
Our success is rooted in a dedication to providing personalized education. With one of the lowest student-faculty ratios in Ontario, our students have the opportunity to connect with professors, getting to know each other on a first-name basis.
Laurentian offers a wide variety of programs to satisfy a range of interests, including a strong focus on Indigenous culture and research. We are also a bilingual university, offering 40 French-language undergraduate and graduate programs, serving a Francophone student body of 1500 and counting.
Laurentian's Business Administration Program provides hands-on education and experience to develop the skills needed for a successful business career. This BBA program received its international accreditation in 2016 – preparing students to be successful, socially-conscious business leaders who will serve and improve their communities. If sports are more your game, Laurentien also offers a Bachelor of Commerce in Sports Administration, Canada's only business degree in sports administration.
Laurentian University is rooted in nature. We believe that education, environmental protection, and economic development go hand in hand. Our award-winning waterfront research facility, the Vale Living With Lakes Centre, combined with our environmental studies program, are magnets for international scholars in freshwater eco-system and environmental restoration.
Laurentian's Bharti School of Engineering and the Harquail School of Earth Sciences are renowned for their mining and mineral exploration research and education, including a bilingual engineering program. Besides winning multiple national and international awards, our students discover innovative and eco-friendly mining solutions that will help the industry and revitalize the planet.
Innovation is a word you will hear a lot at Laurentian. We are on the look-out for new projects and programs to bolster our students' educational opportunities. Next year we will open the $30 million Cliff Fielding Research Innovation and Engineering building. This facility will contain state of the art labs, a space for researchers, students, and industrial partners to collaborate and build valuable networks and a space to develop and market new ideas.
In 2012, we opened the McEwen School of Architecture, making it the first new architecture school to open in Canada in 45 years. Its focus on the environment and Indigenous perspectives in design make the McEwen School a unique place to study architecture. This year we opened McEwen's new state-of-the-art building in downtown Sudbury, announced a brand new master's program in architecture, and awarded diplomas to our first graduating class.
The Indigenous Sharing and Learning Centre, which features a spectacular multipurpose round room, is designed to bring people of all backgrounds together in a shared space and be a home away from home for Indigenous students. It opened this June and has already become the centerpiece of our magnificent campus.
However, it is not all work at Laurentian. You will also enjoy our spectacular 765-acre campus surrounded by five of Sudbury's 330 freshwater lakes, including an on-campus beach, a mixed Boreal forest, and breath-taking year-round nature trails.

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