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We are an association of graduates, a graduate residential college, and a graduate meeting place. We were established over 100 years ago as a graduate membership association. Over 50 years ago, we became a residential college specifically for university graduates.

Our association exists as both a Union and a House. The Graduate Union is an international association of graduates from just after graduation through to retirement. Graduate House is where post-graduate students and academics reside and meet others who pursue excellence in career development and research.

We began as a membership association over 100 hundred years ago, in 1911. Women and men of different ages, disciplines, and nationalities met to keep alive their university experience and resolved to support new graduates in transitioning from undergraduate studies to careers and lifelong learning. The Graduate Union is now a charity and a not-for-profit membership association of graduates from universities worldwide.

Since the late 1950s, we have been home to graduates from around the world. These Resident Members are the best and the brightest in their respective fields. They come to the Graduate House to study, tutor, teach, research, collaborate, develop professionally, and network. Today Graduate House has three college wings of graduate accommodation. We entrust our residents to continue to protect and grow our House to benefit the generations of graduates who will come here in the future.

Over 20,000 people meet in our facilities each year to advance research, careers, social good, and lifelong learning. We are proud to offer affordable and friendly meeting services for hundreds of charities, not-for-profits, educational institutes, and government. We bring together graduates of all universities through membership so that educational, professional, cultural, and social networks are fostered and maintained.

The Graduate Union is renowned as the pre-eminent Australian membership association of graduates of universities from around the world, living, meeting, and learning within a vibrant and active collegium that advances education and its application for society's good. The Graduate Union brings together graduates from graduation and post-graduate study, careers, and retirement – in an active international membership network, residential college, and meeting place for the socially responsible advancement and application of education.

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