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Bishop's University


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Located in the beautiful Eastern Townships region of the province of Quebec, Bishop's is a unique English-language university that offers its students undergraduate university experience.

Bishop's boasts some of the smallest class sizes in the country and passionate, supportive professors who genuinely care about their students' success. The result is that all BU students receive personalized attention and valuable support throughout their studies. Bishop connects its students to an array of outstanding learning opportunities, including internships and exceptional training experiences. These opportunities enable students to strengthen their skills and obtain valuable professional experience while working on completing their studies. Bishop creates a unique social environment for its students, one that fosters personal growth and development. This caring and supportive atmosphere nurtures students and helps transform them into confident and skilled leaders ready to make a difference in this world. These elements, when combined, form the essence and the soul of the Bishop's community.

At Bishop's, we strive to be:

  • A community that instills confidence, courage, and a sense of responsibility in its students.
  • A place that nurtures personal and intellectual freedom and fosters enduring friendships.

Bishop's University is a predominantly residential undergraduate university. Our primary concern is offering students a quality education in fine arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, business, and education. The residential aspect of our small size (2,400 full-time students) encourages students to immerse themselves in the complete Bishop's experience.

Bishop's is located in the bilingual community of Lennoxville, a suburb of the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec, located about 1.5 hours southeast of Montreal. The Eastern Townships region offers a safe and welcoming atmosphere, exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities, and a high quality of life.

Bishop's University's 550-acre campus features 25 buildings, including seven residences, two libraries, two theatres, outstanding classrooms, laboratories, athletic facilities, a sports and recreation center that includes three gyms, an indoor pool and an 800-seat arena, a historic chapel, a music recital hall, and a daycare. A duck pond and wildlife refuge, ten tennis courts, an outdoor pool, and a golf course are also found on the campus.

Bishop's University was founded as Bishop's College in 1843, under the sponsorship of the Right Reverend G.J. Mountain, the Anglican Bishop of Quebec, with the assistance of a group of clergy and laypeople from the Eastern Townships.

In 1853, the University received a Royal Charter granting it the right to confer degrees. Bishop's remained under the aegis of the Church of England until 1947 when the University's Corporation was reconstituted as a nondenominational body. Since this time, Bishop's University has welcomed students from all backgrounds, cultures, and creeds.

Bishop's University boasts some of Canada's best university professors. Our 115 full-time faculty members are involved in extensive research and publishing endeavors. However, they have chosen to work at Bishop's because they love teaching and working with undergraduate students.

We put great emphasis on personal contact between students and professors and favor small classes and frequent seminars, laboratories, and tutorials.

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