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Tufts is a leader in American higher education, distinctive for its success as a moderately sized university that excels at research and providing students with a personal experience. Our unique combination of research and liberal arts attracts students, faculty, and staff who thrive in our environment of curiosity, creativity, and engagement.
Tufts's core is captured in our mission and vision statements, which exemplify the spirit of what Tufts is, as well as the values and priorities that will guide us over the coming years.
Tufts is a student-centered research university dedicated to the creation and application of knowledge. We are committed to providing transformative experiences for students and faculty in an inclusive and collaborative environment where creative scholars generate bold ideas, innovate in the face of complex challenges, and distinguish themselves as active citizens of the world.
Our vision is to be an innovative university of creative scholars across a broad range of schools that profoundly impact one another and the world.
Creating and sustaining an environment that prepares to launch all our students into the world fully prepared to chart a course for success requires effective stewardship of our resources during a time of significant challenges in higher education.
Operational costs and the need for financial aid are rising, while research funding, philanthropy, and returns on endowments remain uncertain. New and changing regulations, compliance requirements, and standards of assessment appear alongside rapidly evolving digital technologies that will push the boundaries of, reinvent the methodologies for, and teach, learn, and conduct research.
Our leaders come to Tufts from leadership positions in public and private sectors around the globe because they understand the promise and critical importance of universities in framing our future. Taken as a whole, their experience represents a cross-section of those leading our nation and our world. Research at Tufts is about breaking down walls—between fields, between faculty and students, between what is and what could be. Innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration are the foundations of discovery at Tufts. Our world-class researchers push boundaries and ask questions that will take our knowledge to the next level.
Graduate student life is filled with numerous rewards and occasional challenges. As you pursue your advanced degree, you will learn to balance the competing demands of scholarship and life beyond the classroom. At Tufts, we offer many opportunities to become involved in our university community. We encourage you to explore the co-curricular offerings available to you and become knowledgeable about the facilities, services, and resources available to support you.
The student-led Graduate Student Council (GSC) provides social, cultural, and educational opportunities for arts, sciences, and engineering graduate students at Tufts University. Two on-campus locations are designated for exclusive use by graduate students. The West Hall lounge includes a conference room, a computer room with a free photocopier, and drinks and snacks for graduate students. The entrance is located at the garden-level door on the northeast side of the building. All current graduate students have 24-hour access to their Tufts Student ID card.
Most students live within a three-mile radius of the campus in the cities of Medford and Somerville. However, some of our students choose to commute from as far as our neighboring New England states. The Off-Campus Housing Resource Center provides more information and resources for students seeking off-campus housing.
All full-time first-year graduate students are eligible to apply for transitional on-campus graduate student housing. Up to 36 rooms are available, and 9 of those rooms are designated for students whose permanent home addresses are outside the United States or Canada. The 36 graduate student rooms are located in three buildings at the northern edge of campus off of Winthrop St, and the rooms designated for non-US or Canada students are dispersed throughout the three houses. Each residence has a standard room or lounge and shared bathrooms. One small kitchen is available in each house and shared with all of the house occupants.
Arts, sciences, and engineering graduate students have free access to the state-of-the-art Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center. The Fitness Center is adjacent to the Gantcher Family Sports and Convocation Center indoor track, Hirsch Tennis Courts, and Hamilton Pool. Work/life refers to the intersection of your professional life and personal/family life and the information, resources, and policies that help you navigate those intersections. The definitive source of information about many graduate student work/life balance policies is the Graduate Student Handbook. There are three types of leaves available to graduate students. Students who are on leave are not charged tuition and fees and are not eligible for stipends. Funding upon return cannot be guaranteed, and please speak with your program graduate director if you have questions. Student loan borrowers will receive exit interviews and repayment information and be required to begin making loan payments while on leave. Students must be in good academic standing when taking a leave of absence.

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