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For 70 years, Truett McConnell University has provided an experience to students built upon the following four pillars: love the Lord, love His Word, like the Church, and love the lost.
Truett McConnell will equip you to fulfill the Great Commission. We accomplish this by fostering a Christian worldview through a Biblically-centered education in a family-friendly environment. Enabled by our strong core values, we work to carry out this mission every single day.
Whether you are called to teach, called to heal, called to preach, or still seeking God’s direction, TMU offers 30 undergraduate and five graduate degree programs designed to help you fulfill God’s calling on your life. Engage and grow through residential programs or choose from several online programs to better accommodate your schedule.
From its humble beginnings in a building that now stands as a hardware store, TMU stands today on more than 200 acres in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Georgia. This serene setting provides not only academic excellence but also a place to build relationships lasting a lifetime.
Whether you’re enjoying intramurals or worshipping at the chapel, you’ll find fabulous experiences and a close-knit community like no other. TMU is all about developing a love for the Lord and a passion for carrying out his work! We hope you will make your way to the mountains and see what sets us apart.
Truett McConnell University is a private Christian liberal arts and sciences university, offering baccalaureate and master’s degrees, operated under the auspices of the Baptist Convention of the State of Georgia and controlled by a Board of Trustees elected by the Convention.
The mission of Truett McConnell University is to equip students to fulfill the Great Commission by fostering a Christian worldview through a Biblically-centered education in a family-friendly environment.
At Truett McConnell University, our foundation sets us apart — and that begins with a biblical worldview. We aim to provide the highest quality education and productive experience for our students. Our professors offer not only academic expertise but spiritual guidance and in-depth biblical knowledge as well.
We offer a rich and personal academic experience that wouldn’t be possible in more extensive classroom settings. Through courses and campus life, you will be prepared professionally and spiritually to serve the Lord wherever He calls you.
With that goal in mind, TMU offers 30 undergraduate degree programs throughout nine different schools, including a Great Commission Minor. Additionally, we offer five master’s degree programs in theology, business, education, biology, and counseling.
We understand that convenience and flexibility play a significant role in choosing a university. That’s why TMU offers several degrees online as well.
Student Life at TMU is all about thriving. Academically, socially, and spiritually, we desire to become the individual God has called you to be while enjoying the journey along the way. Through the many programs and activities we offer, you’ll find great life experiences that enrich and encourage. From competing on the intramural field to engaging in community groups, you will be glad you chose to come to TMU.
The Student Development Office works to foster a close-knit community where students can mature in ways that encourage them to be servant-leaders who influence others for Jesus Christ. Our office offers programs designed to develop the whole person, facilitating a love for the Lord, His Word, His Church, and a passion for the lost. If you’re on campus, take the time to stop by our offices and get to know us a little better.
We look forward to meeting you in person.
At Truett McConnell University, 100% of all first time first-year students receive financial aid. Truett McConnell University is committed to providing a quality educational experience to students from all economic backgrounds. For graduating high school students and parents, the thought of college can be a financial burden. However, TMU works with you to help make the process of financial assistance easier to follow and understand.
Institutional financial aid represents the grants and scholarships offered by TMU. According to a wide range of criteria, these scholarships are available, including academic achievement, a program of study, and even sibling discounts.
Career Services at Truett McConnell University exists to provide students connections with employers, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as to assist students in developing effective career decision-making and employment skills reflective of God’s unique calling on their lives.
TMU offers many leadership opportunities for students who are willing to serve their peers and the college community.
As a Resident Assistant or Christian Life Coordinator, you’ll then have leadership opportunities to assist others through various responsibilities around campus. These include tasks such as helping your fellow residents with questions, planning programs, and activities and even participating in annual mission trips. If you’re interested in a leadership role at TMU, then be sure to monitor your student email for more information as positions become available.

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