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Trocaire College, a private, career-oriented Catholic college, in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy, strives to empower students toward personal enrichment, dignity, and self-worth through education in various professions and the liberal arts. Recognizing the individual needs of a diverse student body, Trocaire College provides life learning and development within a community-based environment. Trocaire College prepares students for service in the universal community.
Trocaire is the College where lives are transformed. Our students will be graduates of choice in career-oriented professions.
Trocaire College was founded in 1958 in the City of Buffalo by the Sisters of Mercy as Sancta Maria College, offering higher educational opportunities to women of the order. The College gained distinction early on in the field of nursing and Health Science education. In 1967, the College's name was officially changed to Trocaire, Gaelic for mercy, to honor the founding sisters' heritage. Trocaire granted admission to lay female students in 1965 and male students in 1972.
The College has evolved extensively over the past 50 years as it has arrived at its current structure. It confers some Associate and Bachelor degrees with an emphasis on the health care professions. In 2008 the College expanded its offerings withThe Russell J. Salvatore School of Hospitality and Business and an extension site in Williamsville, NY, and later in 2012, with a Massage Therapy Program.
The Trocaire College of today is a vibrant, multi-dimensional coeducational Catholic college that continues to operate in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy. Trocaire is an active member of the Conference for Mercy Higher Education (CMHE).
Trocaire College changes the trajectory of its students' lives, helping students of promise recognize their talents and maintain their motivation while providing them how to grow intellectually and emotionally.
Graduates of Trocaire are sought by Buffalo employers across the service industries for their exceptional character, skill, and dedication. Alumni of Trocaire College can be counted upon to work collaboratively to excel in their professions.
The Office of Financial Aid is dedicated to helping students and parents obtain the financial aid necessary to pay for a college education at Trocaire College. More than 90% of Trocaire College students receive some form of financial assistance through scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study.
The Mary Clare Development Center's mission is to support faculty, promote excellence in teaching, and promote professional development opportunities. The Mary Clare Development Center offers a range of programs to enhance teaching and learning based on pedagogical theory and rich in creativity. The Mary Clare Development Center is a dedicated area that fosters interdisciplinary discussion where faculty can deliberately plan and assess. The Mary Clare Development Center provides training for new technological strategies in the classroom, online learning, and distance learning.
The different sizes of our College allow students to participate in different clubs and organizations and take on leadership roles if they wish to do so. The benefits of becoming a student leader are tremendous – skills that will last a lifetime.
Trocaire College offers a wide array of student activities focused on social, cultural, academic, and leadership development. These are great opportunities to be involved in the campus community and to prepare for a successful career.
The Mission of the Student Affairs Division is to provide student services and programming from a caring, inclusive, and student-centered perspective that supports and enhances holistic learning within the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy. Our goal is to empower students to strive to reach their full potential in the development of the whole person while supporting their academic and occupational success.
Our dedicated professionals are ready to be of service in many ways, with particular emphasis on career development, personal counseling, student leadership, health records, campus ministry, and multiple activities and clubs. Additionally, we implement the planning and preparation for commencement and orientations of new and transfer students.
A student's mental health is an essential component of their overall wellness and success. The Wellness Center provides counseling, education, resources, and support for students at Trocaire College.
Career Services at Trocaire College exists to support and enhance the Mission of Trocaire College by assisting students in the development and pursuit of educational and life goals. The office also assists students and alumni with school and work transitions, helping them identify and achieve lifelong career satisfaction and success.
As institutions of higher education, we strive to create a community-based learning environment where self-discovery, human dignity, and professional competence are natural outgrowths of engagement in the classroom and on campus. Through engagement with the broader community, we seek to cultivate our student's awareness of the world and the development of social consciousness rooted in service, justice, and mercy.

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