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Sydney Conservatorium Of Music


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We have been challenging traditions for more than 160 years. We make lives better by producing leaders of society and equipping our people with leadership qualities to serve our communities at every level. Since our inception, we have believed in education for all and leadership that makes lives better. The same values continue to inform our policy of inclusion and underpin our long-term strategy for growth.

No matter what course you are studying, what faculty you work for, or how you are involved with the University, our strategy is relevant. The University's strategic plan is more than a high-level document for our governing bodies and senior management. It is the roadmap to achieving our shared vision. Our vision is unashamedly aspirational, aiming to position the University of Sydney as the best University in Australia and a leading institution globally.

Our campuses play host to a range of entertainment and events throughout the year. From weekly pub trivia to live music festivals, you will always find a good excuse to log out and put down the textbooks. Pursuing research excellence requires the latest innovative technology across all disciplines. This is why we're investing in world-class and openly-accessible core research facilities.

The University of Sydney's core research facilities provide access to high-end research infrastructure and offer a range of related services to assist researchers with specialist applications. These centralized, shared facilities span faculties and serve as focal points of research activity. The core research facilities bring together a critical mass of researchers from diverse disciplines and provide the means to manage better and sustain high-end research infrastructure to conduct quality research.

Today we offer hundreds of scholarships to support and encourage talented students and a range of grants and bursaries to those who need a financial helping hand. We get behind a range of activities to ensure everyone is accepted and has equal education and employment opportunities at our University.

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