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We're a highly ranked liberal arts college in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky. We're a challenging, relationship-rich university with an engaging faculty that encourages community-driven students to achieve personal fulfillment and professional success.
This is where you'll grow into a well-rounded person ready to stand out and thrive in whatever field you choose. Our professors are interested in getting to know you and guiding you personally toward your academic and professional goals.
Transylvania's beautiful downtown campus is home to a wide variety of spaces with unique identities and charms. Challenge your mind, imagination, and your sense of who you are. This is a rigorous liberal arts education that develops your entire being and provides everything you need to thrive in many careers, not just one. You will broaden your knowledge across disciplines, grow as a leader, and hone the critical writing, reasoning, and communication skills that employers and grad programs value.
One of the essential skills you'll learn at Transylvania is asking relevant questions. That skill will propel you to a life of research and learning, where you'll be prepared to tackle the world's most important questions and find meaningful answers.
We make sure that all of our students get the opportunity to work closely with accomplished professors on a variety of exciting research—much of which you can't get as an undergraduate elsewhere. You'll design your experiments and present your results.
We've created a comprehensive, innovative approach to the entire first year of learning. Each term has a distinct purpose and builds on the preceding term. The integrated four-part program gives you the foundation you need to complete your degree in four years and the analytical thinking and knowledge to explore who you are in the world fully.
Academic advisors can be valuable resources for you as you begin to clarify your life and career goals. Your First Engagements professor will be your first academic advisor at Transylvania. They will help you become familiar with the curriculum and a Transylvania education means.
This is it—the college experience you've been dreaming about. A close-knit campus in a big city full of adventure. A place where you're encouraged to develop your imagination and deepen your sense of who you are with professors who will prepare you for a successful life and career-long after you've graduated. This is your training ground, your network, your laboratory, your circle of friends—your home.
Transylvania University believes that every student should expect a safe school environment in which to learn and study. We support every high school student who chooses to participate in peaceful protests, such as the March For Our Lives and the National School Walkout Day, or who thoughtfully and respectfully exercise their freedom of expression. We want to reassure students who have already been admitted to Transy or whose applications are currently under review. Your admission to Transylvania University will not be jeopardized should your school levy a penalty for participating in such protests.
Transylvania's tuition and fees fall below the national average for comparable private liberal arts colleges. That makes the high-quality education you'll receive at Transylvania a great value. More than 98 percent of our students qualify for some financial assistance.
The financial aid office is here to help you and your family plan for your future. We are happy to help you create a personal plan for your education, evaluate the costs, and apply for financial assistance. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.
The campus's intimacy, paired with the excitement of downtown Lexington, opens a world of opportunities for students inside and outside Transy's borders. Students are active in more than 50 clubs and organizations, and 90 percent are involved in community engagement.
Every member gets the chance to be part of a close-knit family that lives, learns, and has fun together. You're bound to find people who share your interests and peers from entirely different backgrounds who will encourage you to see the world in new ways.
As a liberal arts university, the employees at Transylvania University recognize and appreciate multiple intelligence. The Disability Services Office, TU professors, as well as the Dean and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, communicate to discuss best practices and teaching strategies in order to create an optimal learning environment for all students.
Transylvania is a place where students feel like they belong. Students take advantage of every opportunity they have, whether attending an annual event like Crimson Affair, participating in one of more than 60 student organizations, or giving back through service projects.
Transylvania University's location in Lexington's heart presents our students with many opportunities to engage meaningfully within our community. Our emphasis on mutually beneficial partnerships with local non-profit organizations allows our student's ample learning and growth experiences that positively impact our local neighborhood.

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