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  • Westminster School


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    Westminster School

    Founding year: 1541
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 747
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mr. Patrick Derham (Headmaster)

    Westminster is one of the UK’s leading academic institutions and is the only ancient London school to occupy its original site, immediately next to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.
    Westminster is a school for both day and boarding pupils it is a busy, passionate and purposeful place where independent thinking is encouraged and excellence is nurtured. Our ethos resides in the enduring values of the liberal tradition, reflected in the 1560 Charter of Westminster’s Elizabethan foundation where it states that our pupils should be “liberally instructed in good books to the greater honor of the state.”
    This outward-looking approach to education defines the School today. We are a place that embraces learning, encourages deep thinking, and takes great pleasure in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding but, most importantly, we want to encourage our boys and girls to use their skills and intelligence to benefit society.
    We seek to encourage young people to engage in loyal dissent. Whilst our pupils are loyal to the principles of a liberal education, respectful of genuine scholarship, and appreciative of the learning process, they are equally prepared to challenge, question, and explore the content of that learning, pushing boundaries and overturning expectations.
    Westminster is an ancient boarding and day school with a unique sense of place. Its origins can be traced to a charity school established by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of St. Peter in Westminster and it is more than likely that this spiritual and educational tradition goes back as far as 960 AD.
    Westminster is no ordinary place. It is a highly academic school where individual and corporate excellence is expected and promoted. Central to Westminster’s ethos is the dialogue between teachers and their pupils, whether in the classroom or tutorials. This inspires a passion for the subject, conveys knowledge, and develops the skills of rational, independent thought, and liberation from dogma, prejudice, or unthinking conformity.
    Westminster is one of the foremost centers of academic excellence in the country, and its pupils achieve exceptional public examination results, and entrance to the top universities worldwide. This success is a result of pupils’ enjoyment of academic inquiry, debate, and searches for explanation well beyond any published syllabus. The desired environment is happy, busy, and purposeful for the pupils intellectually, socially, ethically, and politically engaged, with plenty of opportunities to develop initiatives and to articulate and defend their views.
    The broader ethos of the School resides in the enduring values of the liberal tradition reflected in the 1560 Charter of Westminster’s Elizabethan foundation, where it is stated that ‘the youth which is growing to manhood, like tender shoots in the wood of our state, shall be liberally instructed in good books to the greater honor of the state’. While academic and cultural attainments are highly prized, the tradition is fully committed also to the nurture of each pupil’s spiritual, moral, emotional, and physical development and well-being – with a particular emphasis on drawing out individual talent wherever it lies – and to the preparation of responsible young people for fulfilled private and public lives beyond School.





    Address: Little Dean's Yard, London, GB, SW1P 3PF, United Kingdom

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