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  • Australian Industry Trade College


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    Australian Industry Trade College

    Founding year: 2008
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 406
    Leadership: Ms. Marketing Manager: Lisa Bowtell
    Number of staff: 0

    Established in 2008 by industry leaders in response to a need for an alternative style of senior education along with a training environment producing the best quality apprentices, the College has achieved outstanding results in its early years – over 1100 apprenticeships have been created with over 90% of the graduates achieving their senior school certificate, the Queensland Certificate of Education and an apprenticeship.

    The AITC Board of Directors is responsible for developing policies to ensure that guidelines are followed and adopted within the AITC. Policies are designed to influence and determine all major decisions and actions, and all activities take place within the boundaries set by them. These policies are reviewed annually or as required.

    The AITC has developed an innovative senior educational program that meets the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) requirements and has the flexibility to respond to the needs of the industry.

    The AITC program is designed to provide young people with the learning experiences that will position them to attain a Queensland Certificate of Education and transition smoothly into work and training. Young people engage in a structured education program and a range of work and training placements. Young people may join the AITC program at several points:

    Year 10 intake: The first year of the AITC program contributes credits towards the Queensland Certificate of Education and focuses on work and life skills. It also includes a Trade Taster program and supported work experience.

    Year 11 and 12 intakes: The final two years of the AITC program engage young people in senior education and trade training that lead to a Queensland Certificate of Education. An individualized employability skills program, extended work placements, and specific trade training guide young people toward attaining apprenticeship or traineeship outcomes. The program structure each term involves:

    • A five-week College block focused on the delivery of an education module.
    • A five to seven-week Employment block focused on employability skills, work, and training.

    The curriculum at the AITC is unique. It is carefully selected to progressively develop employability skills and achieve individualized learning goals while also meeting the requirements of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). The College aims to seamlessly blend senior education and vocational training to engage young people in purposeful learning experiences with real-world relevance.

    Our young people study two QCAA subjects and complete four nationally registered qualifications, which give them 20 credit points towards their Queensland Certificate of Education upon completion. The AITC academic curriculum is made up of learning modules that are distinct units of study in:

    • English Communication: This literacy-based course is designed to allow young people to develop and use written, spoken, and digital communication skills that underpin success in workplaces and other real-life contexts. The course covers a range of topic areas, including advertising, global issues, and DIY (which focuses on trade-based tasks).
    • Pre-Vocational Maths: This practical numeracy-based course covers tax, finance and budgeting, design, and measurement. Workplace contexts are used for tasks when possible, and young people are drilled in the mathematical skills required for specific trades.
    • Vocational Education and Training: Our young people complete Certificate I, II, and III in Business and Certificate I and II in Information, Digital Media, and Technology. These courses are tailored to reflect young tradespeople's needs as they embark on a career in industry and include topics in financial management, MYOB, manage a micro-business, and electronic communication. Suppose a young person has already achieved some qualifications (or parts thereof). In that case, the AITC will grant credit transfers for those achievements, providing we have access to original documentation from the RTO where training took place in the previous year(s). In this case, VET trainers will develop individual learning plans.

    Young people who complete all three years of the College's program have the opportunity to earn additional credit points towards their Queensland Certificate of Education by undertaking the following additional study:

    • QCAA Literacy: This course is designed to help young people develop their reading, writing, oral communication, and learning skills while studying topics such as Heroes and Identity.
    • QCAA Numeracy: This course is designed to help young people develop their mathematical information, mathematical processes, problem-solving skills, and learning while studying topics such as measurement, number and calculations, and data and statistics.
    • Certificate I in Work and Life Skills: This course is designed to suit young tradespeople and includes units of competency such as "use digital technology for basic workplace tasks" and "apply for jobs and undertake job interviews."

    The Employment-Based Curriculum: Our young people engage in a range of work-based experiences that enhance their learning when they participate in training and employment as an apprentice or trainee. The AITC Employment-based curriculum is made up of a range of industry-based experiences and an employability skills program:

    • Mentoring/Coaching: Employment Consultants from the AITC work with the Young People to guide them through the employment process. They assist in areas such as resume writing, making phone calls to employers, and interview techniques.
    • Trade Taster: The AITC works with partner organizations to provide the opportunity for young people to sample a range of trades.
    • Work Placements: Our young people engage in a range of work placements to engage them in their industry of choice. These vary in length, give young people real-life experience in the workplace and establish connections that may launch careers.
    • Pre–Employment Training: Before young people engage in a work placement, they engage in a structured training program to learn the necessary skills they need to participate safely and productively in work placements. This training is at a Certificate I or II levels, delivered by a registered training organization.
    • Employability Skills Training: Based upon the Core Skills for Work Framework, this training is embedded within the College's onsite and offsite program to provide the foundation skills young people need to succeed in the workplace.






    Address: Australian Industry Trade College, 281 Scottsdale Drive Robina , Queensland, QLD 4226, Australia

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