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COMPLETE Kitchen Supervisor - Costa Rica

7 days ago


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Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Costa Rica   [ View map ]


  • The Kitchen Supervisor oversees food production operations in the kitchen.  Organize
  • Manage the kitchen team in a manner that meets the objectives set forward by the restaurant chef and keep the all stations under control.
  • Set kitchen priorities, set production goals, schedule production, and supervise cooks
  • Have good communication in the kitchen that leads to productive, safe work environment.
  • Prepare kitchen operations for future growth and new menu ideas.
  • Work with health and safety regulations for production, holding, handling, and labeling
  • Ensure that kitchen area (shelves, bins, displays walking –cooler and storage areas) are in clean
  • Really important to maintain and reduce product waste all times
  • Train and develop kitchen staff as necessary to accomplish desired outcomes following the standard.
  • Effectively manage through clear, direct, and respectful manner communication
  • Problem Solving – Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner or inform direct Chef or Chef office.
  • Report violations of employee policies to the kitchen chef


  • Standardize recipes and procedures so price margins and productivity are maintained.
  • Experience on food ordering
  • Initiation on the labor scheduling, Help Chef to plan days off and vacation of the outlet.
  • Ensure that kitchen equipment is in working order and is properly used. Assist the Chef de Cuisine on placing work order maintenance.
  • Following the new Ecosure standard, to ensure that the folders logbook is well maintained up to date.

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    Four Seasons CR

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