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COMPLETE 实习生,公共事务 Intern-Public Affairs - Shanghai, China

11 days ago


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Working Location

Shanghai, China, Shanghai, China, China   [ View map ]

Job Posting Title:

实习生,公共事务 Intern-Public Affairs

Req ID:


Job Description:

业务部门: 公共事务部
工作地点-国家/地区: 上海, 中国


  • 协助收集公章申请的文件,初步审核文件;
  • 帮助演职人员正确填写盖章申请表;
  • 帮助不熟悉公章申请流程的演职人员介绍流程以及如何填写表格;
  • 协助检查公章申请表和登记表格中的信息是否一致;
  • 帮助没有迪士尼团队大楼门禁权限的演职人员提交和取回文件;
  • 每天审核通过的文件,需要帮忙盖公章
  • 盖章之后,最后检查一遍公章申请表,并且归档
  • 整理文件柜中的文件,方便演职人员取回文件
  • 协助公共事务部的来访者登记和报备;
  • 支持公共事务部的公章申请,付款流程,例如下订单,申请合同编号等;
  • 协助收发文件资料、快递包裹,并做好相应记录。


  • 每周保证3-4天上班时间;
  • 中英文流利;
  • 对待工作认真负责,并且在工作中讲求效率;
  • 熟练使用办公软件。

Line of Business: Public Affairs
Location: Pudong, Shanghai, China

Job Summary:
As an Intern, your primary duty is to assist company chop requests. Also support PA related coordination and arrangement

Key Responsibilities:

  • Help to collect chop request documents and review the basic information on chop request form
  • Help cast member to fill in the correct information on chop request form;
  • Help to explain the chop request process to cast member;
  • Assist to double check the chop request form &tracking log;
  • Help cast member without TD Access Control to get in 3rd floor to deliver and pick documents;
  • Help with chopping documents every day;
  • Final check and filing the chop request forms;
  • Help with arrangement of the documents in the cabinet;
  • Support visitors on their pre-registration, and BOH transportation, etc;
  • Support PA team’s payment and chop process, such as PO & GR / Contract number application, etc;
  • Assist to pick up/deliver the documents and parcels via courier and make the record accordingly.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Have enough and sufficient time to be devoted and work for at least 3-4 days per week;
  • Demonstrate computer proficiency within an English version Windows environment;
  • Detail-oriented and capable of doing repetitive work with efficiency and accuracy;
  • Fluent in Mandarin and some English skilled preferred.

Job Posting Segment:

Comms & PA

Job Posting Primary Business:


Primary Job Posting Category:


Employment Type:

Part time

Primary City, State, Region, Postal Code:

Shanghai, China

Alternate City, State, Region, Postal Code:

Date Posted:


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  • Organization Details
    8002 Shanghai Intl Theme Park Company, Ltd. CN

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