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COMPLETE Sr Software Engineer / Research Scientist / Linux Kernel Expert

13 days ago


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Yorktown Heights, Yorktown Heights, NY, United States   [ View map ]
IBM Research Scientists are charting the future of Artificial Intelligence, creating breakthroughs in quantum computing, discovering how blockchain will reshape the enterprise, and much more. Join a team that is dedicated to applying science to some of today's most complex challenges, whether it’s discovering a new way for doctors to help patients, teaming with environmentalists to clean up our waterways or enabling retailers to personalize customer service.

Your Role and Responsibilities
  • You need a deep understanding of Linux kernel development, Linux virtualization (KVM/QEMU and IOMMU/VFIO), and low-overhead networking through eBPF.
  • An understanding of security and scalability in distributed systems is required as well.
  • You will be interacting with multiple Research and product teams including the Red Hat kernel team, and you will be expected to define and lead technical projects within the department.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise
  • 2 years experience in Linux kernel development
  • 2 years experience with KVM/QEMU
  • 2 years experience with distributed systems

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise
  • 1 year experience with IOMMU/VFIO
  • 1 year experience with low overhead networking through eBPF
  • 1 year experience with Kubernetes/OpenShift
  • 1 year experience with performance analysis and optimization

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    IBM US

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