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COMPLETE Java developer – CICS Explorer product development

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Bangalore, Bangalore, Karnataka, India   [ View map ]
As part of the zSoftware development team, you would be developing, testing and supporting industry leading integration products that are central to digital transformation for large organizations. You will be part of the TXSeries and CICS TX development team (part of CICS portfolio), which is owned fully by the India Systems Development Lab. Being partof this team will provide an opportunity to drive the growth of zSoftware business , hence making a lasting impact on large organizations that have a major impact on world economy.

Your Role and Responsibilities
An exciting opportunity to join a team that leads on the IBM Z platform in design-driven development, continuous integration, and DevOps. You will work as part of a small dynamic and supportive squad within the CICS development team responsible for both continued development of CICS Explorer (a management interface for CICS Transaction Server) and creating new innovative ways to help our clients modernise their developer experience on the mainframe.
For example in the last few years the team has delivered a Liberty application with GraphQL support, Maven and Gradle plugins, and an Ansible collection.
You will engage in every aspect of the product development lifecycle including design, development, build, test and support. You will collaborate with both clients and the wider IBM organisation to ensure the offerings you develop are the best possible solutions to today's problems and help out clients adapt and grow their businesses.
Candidates are expected to possess eagerness to learn, passion to exploit new technologies, ability, and willingness to share knowledge, good communication skills, both verbally and digitally and understanding of Agile principles.

Unique Selling Point
CICS aka CICS Transaction Server is a critical product for the IBM Z platform, IBM and for thousands of customers across banking, retail, transport and insurance domains, as it powers the majority of enterprise transactions. CICS runs more transactions than the number of google searches each day. You name a company from Fortune 500, it’s very probable to be a CICS customer. If you are swiping your card today at an ATM or a shop, you are most likely experiencing CICS.

As a member of the highly valued CICS Explorer product development team, you could play a key role in shaping the best IDE for the world's most trusted, secure, and scalable enterprise solution.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise
  • 8-12 years of relevant industry and development experience
  • Proven experience for Java design, coding and debugging
  • Strong skills and experience with Eclipse plugin development
  • Strong skills and experience with z/OS
  • Good communication skills, both verbally and digitally.

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise
  • Continuous Delivery & Integration including Testing frameworks, Containerization & Kubernetes, Jenkins, VS Code Extension, Github, Maven and Gradle.
  • Open source development and understanding of agile methodologies.
  • Ansible, Kotlin, Groovy, GraphQL would be a great plus.
  • Experience with CICS.

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    IBM IN

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