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COMPLETE 2023 IBM Consulting Associates 채용 - Application Developer

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Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Korea, Republic Of   [ View map ]
As an Application Developer, you will lead IBM into the future by translating system requirements into the design and development of customized systems in an agile environment.  The success of IBM is in your hands as you transform vital business needs into code and drive innovation. Your work will power IBM and its clients globally, collaborating and integrating code into enterprise systems. You will have access to the latest education, tools and technology, and a limitless career path with the world’s technology leader. Come to IBM and make a global impact!

Your Role and Responsibilities
As associate, you are not required to have a lot of field experience, but as newbie, you need to motivate yourself to learn IBM internal asset and industry knowledge.

- As client's application developer, you will deliver SM based on needs and demand.
- Acquire IBM's internal methodology including Agile, DevOps etc.
- You will grow as industry specialist or project manager with IT service maintenance and management experience.

To be Application Developer,
- You need to know at least more than 1 programming language and basic knowledge on IT service duties (system architecture/system maintenance).
- Demonstrated communication skill and issue handling capacity is required.

- If you can use Java, it will be perfect, but other programming languages like Python is good.
- Data related knowledge is beneficial; R, SQL, SPSS etc
- less than 2 years of experience is acceptable; associates hiring doesn't require more than 2 years of field experience.

* 장애인, 보훈대상은 관련법규에 따라 우대합니다.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise
2023 IBM Consulting Associates 채용 - Application Developer

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise
2023 IBM Consulting Associates 채용 - Application Developer

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    IBM KR

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