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COMPLETE Senior Manager, Workforce Planning - Bentonville, AR

12 days ago


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Bentonville, AR, Bentonville, AR, United States   [ View map ]

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Position: Senior Manager, Workforce Planning

Job Location: 702 SW 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716

Duties: Drives strategy and innovation to improve workforce management related user experiences by evaluating the current competitive; analyzing future trends and forecasts in related fields; constructing artifacts outlining present conditions and proposed solutions; designing transitional road maps for the future or clarifying existing user experience frameworks for small- to-medium-sized project portfolios; and presenting information within and across the organization to gain strategic alignment. Manages the development and evaluation of business tools and core statistical models by understanding complex business needs and scope of work; determining and using best practices; designing tools, statistical models, and reporting infrastructure; building and/or providing guidance on building data infrastructure, databases, and tools; determining the business impact of data infrastructure, databases, and tools; testing and evaluating pilot solutions before implementation; verifying results; and interpreting data and results into actionable initiatives for business partners. Manages project execution by ensuring compliance with project procedures and guidelines; advising on, executing, and documenting organizational practices and company, legal, and regulatory policies, and procedures; and evaluating and responding to issues and concerns regarding analytics practices and procedures. Drives data analytics for workforce planning governance by directing the gathering of data; assessing data validity and usability; ensuring data accuracy; applying business measures and analyzes to identify improvement opportunities; synthesizing data into large analytics datasets to support project goals; utilizing big data analytics and advanced data mining techniques to analyze data; identifying trends, patterns, and discrepancies in data; determining additional data needed to support insights; translating results into business actions; developing recommendations regarding the application of insights to business strategies; developing creative solutions within business areas that reduce cost or meet business goals; and presenting insights and recommendations to key stakeholders.

Minimum education and experience required: Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in Analytics, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field plus 3 years of experience in data management, business analytics, statistics, industrial engineering or related experience.

Skills required: Must have experience with: analyzing future trends and forecasting to create statistical workforce models using statistical models such as time series analysis & projection, qualitative techniques, and casual models (MS Excel, SQL, Alteryx and Tableau Prep); conducting predetermined time studies to formulate and optimize labor standards using MOST (Maynard operation sequence technique) analysis; managing strategy and innovation project development, evaluation, and execution by using project management tools such as JIRA and confluence;  consulting business partners and other key stake holders by suggesting process improvement using Lean Six Sigma techniques; performing ROI for new processes and equipment implementation by using data mining and analytics (SQL, MS Excel, Alteryx, and Tableau Prep); conducting financial impact analysis caused by labor hours using SQL, and Alteryx; performing process capability analysis using Statistical process control charts; creating dashboards to track labor productivity using Tableau and Advanced MS Excel; performing Data Analysis to evaluate key performance indicators for business’s labor hours using Advanced MS Excel; and tracking business strategy projects and implementation using MS Project. Employer will accept any amount of experience with the required skills.


Wal-Mart is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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    Walmart Inc. US

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