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COMPLETE Senior Testing Associate - Shenzhen

9 days ago


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Working Location

Shenzhen, Shenzhen, 44, China   [ View map ]

Job Description

Senior Device Associates at Amazon perform training and audit on the work done by the DA folks.
Execute complex work procedures for small-scale projects or set of assigned components of a larger scale project with minimum direction. Review work instructions and standardize processes to achieve quality. Audit test results, use tools for reporting status, own closure reports and adhere to SLAs defined. Capture metrics and look for improvement in deliverables, quality and process.
You actively participate in defect management life cycle by raising defects as per the guidelines defined and owning bugs until closure and help with artifacts to resolve the issues as applicable. You adhere to the benchmark defined for defect validity within the projects. You perform defect analysis, help prioritize and escalate issues in areas within your scope. You participate in weekly review discussions with involved teams, understand the ongoing expectations and highlight the issues and potential risks. You investigate and identify improvements, which helps the project key metrics like productivity, defect leakage, quality in work assignments, and reduce errors, mismatches and process gaps in day-to-day operations with minimum guidance. You highlight possible roadblocks and workaround to managers upfront. You train and mentor the new hires, provide ongoing support to perform daily operations and enable ramp up. You contribute to training manuals, conduct weekly refresher trainings to ensure that the process is up to date with latest changes. You conduct team meetings to address the team on the upcoming challenges, seek feedback on the training needs and bridge the gap with an action plan.

Key job responsibilities
Role & Responsibility
· Being independent in execute test plans & test cases, creating test data, and reporting results in a timely, clear, and concise manner.
· Well-trained in more than one process or handle process that is more complex. Should have understanding of the functionality of the project/product. Should have the ability to stay connected with changing requirements and documentation.
· Should be able to actively look for gaps in test cases between user scenarios by exploratory testing and contribute towards test coverage.
· Own the quality along with test execution for one or more components or features of a product. Should have the ability to backtrack and do a root cause analysis of bugs/issues from DA wise.
· Work on simplifying the task instructions, creating wiki documentations and process document for executing complex/time taking processes or component/features and highlighting automation needs.
· Conduct variety testing activities for certain components with high level of scope defined, such as exploratory/bug bash testing. Deliver testing results with bugs worth fixing.
· Actively participate in knowledge sharing sessions for new features or process changes and cascade the same to the team. Provide technical support to clarify internal queries during the execution in your area of expertise.
· Perform internal audit of the test execution and issues raised by the team to ensure compliance to defined guidelines, provide feedback as applicable and track deviations using standard and defined tools. You educate the team on the misses and come up with action plans to reduce user errors and opportunities of execution miss.
· Diligently collate, track, and report progress on time, on key metrics agreed with respective stakeholders, specific to your functional area without any reporting errors.

About the team
We test components and features related to an Amazon Device, Application, or Service. We follow SOPs and execute tasks assigned to on a daily basis. Strive to meet productivity and quality baselines. We use required tools and follow relevant practices that facilitate smoother operations and eliminate process dependencies.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Beijing, 11, CHN | Shenzhen, 44, CHN

Basic Qualifications:

Graduate or equivalent combination of technical education or work experience
Strong knowledge of QA methodology and tools Strong organizational skills, tracking multiple test executions simultaneously and be able to synthesize the results
English reading / writing above CET 4 or equivalent level.
Experience of testing consumer devices will be a plus BUT not necessary.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:
Have basic understanding of the automation test set up, provide automation support in test execution that includes setting up the automation environment, initiating automation runs, verifying the automation results and raising defects for product or script failures.
Ability to analyses data in multi dimensions and provide information to the team to help improve processes. Good time management skill to follow up on action items with different internal tech teams and bring issues to the rightful closure.
Good interpersonal skills to manage ongoing relationships with external teams and inter operations teams.

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    Amazon (China) Holding Company Limited

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