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COMPLETE Pharmacy Technician I - 10-42 Mitchell Ave, Binghamton, NY 13903

5 days ago


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Working Location

10-42 Mitchell Ave, Binghamton, NY 13903, United States   [ View map ]
Pharmacy Technician I, UHS Binghamton General Hospital


United Health Services is seeking a Pharmacy Technician I to join our BGH Pharmacy department at UHS Binghamton General Hospital in Binghamton, NY. This position is benefits eligible.





Hours per week:



Salary range:

$17.19 - $24.42 per hour, depending on experience.


Pharmacy Technician I / Overview


Entry-level Pharmacy Technician position. Under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist:
• Functions as a generalist, providing support and ensures an ongoing and efficient pharmacy department by assisting in the processing of medications or prescriptions to all patients and appropriate patient care areas.
• Assists in the maintenance of a neat and clean dispensing area and performing functions as necessary in the daily routine of the pharmacy department.


Key Responsibilities and Expectations



  • Minimum Required:
    • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Preferred:
    • Previous experience as a pharmacy technician or successful completion of a pharmacy technician training program.


  • Minimum Required:
    • Certification from the Pharmacy Technician Board (PTCB) within eighteen (18) months of employment
  • Preferred:
    • Not Applicable


Work Environment

  • All work is performed in offices that require working in close quarters with other employees. The pharmacy settings are air conditioned / heated. Work also may take place throughout the hospital (i.e. nursing stations, patient care units) and affiliated clinic sites.
  • Adequate protective wear available for handling certain drug: such as a mask, gown and gloves. Gloves and goggles are available for other procedures as necessary.
  • Distribution of Medications
    • Physical Demands – walking, standing, lifting, carrying, pushing, reading, manual dexterity to handle syringes and IV admixing
    • Equipment Used – carts, compounding aseptic isolater
    • Frequency Performed – 45%
  • Keyboarding - Computer
    • Physical Demands – manual dexterity, sitting, grasping, vision, reaching 6”
    • Equipment Used – computer and printer
    • Frequency Performed – 45%
  • Answering Phones
    • Physical Demands – reaching 6”, fingering, hearing
    • Equipment Used – telephone
    • Frequency Performed – 10%
  • Employees are required to have reasonable access to transportation to meet work requirements made in the ordinary course of business in a timely and efficient manner.

Age of Patients Served

  • All Age Groups

HIPAA Roles-Based Access to Patient Information

  • All – Access to patient information, including restricted information – Level 4

Staff Supervised

  • Not Applicable


Direct Experience

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  • Organization Details
    02 UHS Hospitals

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