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COMPLETE VFX Editor - Mumbai, India

14 days ago


Job Opportunity Details


Full Time


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Weekly Working Hours

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Working Location

Mumbai, India, Mumbai, India, India   [ View map ]

Job Posting Title:

VFX Editor

Req ID:


Job Description:

Primary Responsibilities and Accountabilities
(Key duties or essential priorities for fulfilling the job’s purpose)


  • Update sequences with new dailies from CG artists and outsource vendors
  • Communicate with client editorial: track all stages of the client cuts, internal cuts and iterations. 
  • Request scans from the client editorial and/or scan facility.
  • Maintain an internal editorial database.
  • Provide abbreviated cuts for all client reviews.
  • Identify selects of material captured internally.
  • Together with the VFX and/or Animation Supervisor, present creative edits to the client when required.
  • Output sequence movie files, AIFF audio files, and EDLs for CG as specified by production.
  • Provide visual reference for production, stage, art department, client, etc.
  • Output JPEG shot frames to Production for storyboarding and Production database use.
  • Responsible for show wrap-up including finals reel, layoff of movie files, consolidating media
  • Drive production of internal and external marketing reels . 
  • Responsible for working with an assistant, mentoring and delegating.
  • Film tasks: print handling, pull and prep wedges and conform workprint reels if required.
  • Performs special projects under the supervision of the Senior Editor, production manager or department manager.

Key Peers or Relationships 
Co-editors, assistant editors, Resource Assistant, VFX Supervisor,  Production team, Animation Supervisor

Job Requirements 
(Education, Experience and Skills/Competencies)

Education / Experience:
Bachelor's Degree in Film or related field desired, or equivalent experience.

Required Skills / Competencies:


  • Previous experience with Avid Media Composer.
  • Proven VFX editorial experience.
  • Strong ability to multi-task and meet deadlines while working under tight schedules.
  • Strong team player with good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of codecs, transcoding and QT formats.
  • Extensive experience with shot tracking databases (i.e.: Filemaker, Shotgun).
  • Understanding of traditional film/print/negative.
Preferred Skills / Competencies:


  • Experience with ingesting performance captures a plus.
  • Apple ActionScript experience is a plus.
  • Command-line environments (ie: Linux) a plus.
  • 3D Stereo experience is a plus.
  • Understanding/maintaining unity management is a plus.
  • Previous experience in post-production film (e.g., film handling, coding, logging).
  • Previous experience in post-production HD tape acquisitions (e.g., timecode, logging, capturing).

Technical Skills:


Proficient with Mac OS

Job Posting Segment:

ILM Mumbai

Job Posting Primary Business:

ILM Mumbai

Primary Job Posting Category:

VFX Editing

Employment Type:

Full time

Primary City, State, Region, Postal Code:

Mumbai, India

Alternate City, State, Region, Postal Code:

Date Posted:


More Information

Application Details

  • Organization Details
    3149 Lucasfilm Visual Effects (India) Private Limited IN

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