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COMPLETE (USA) Area Manager Asset Protection - All DC/FC - Atlanta, GA

10 days ago


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Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA, United States   [ View map ]

Position Summary...

What you'll do...

Data and Digital Literacy Possesses knowledge of: Data collection modes, techniques, and tools; data analytics. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Articulates the levers that influence data. Ensures data quality and organizes processes information for analysis.. Develops and implements technology changes across multiple processes within assigned area of work.

Environmental Protection Possesses knowledge of: Environmental policies and procedures; applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations involving the environment; To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Operates commonly used tools and equipment for evaluating air, water, and waste pollution. Supports regulatory visits and prepares audit reports for management review. Participates in evaluating pollution control and management at assigned facility. Assists in integrating environmental considerations into process design. Interprets and evaluates compliance status reports and relevant risk management practices. Assists in the development of company policies, practices, and procedures relating to environmental risks. Implements environmental policies and practices and ensures compliance with environmental legislation.

Operational Excellence Possesses knowledge of: Organizational processes; root cause analysis techniques; department workflows; Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and One Best Way (OBW) processes. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Explains the operational functions and key functional roles of assigned department or unit. Clarifies the role of each department and its relevance to the enterprise strategy. Describes the interdependence of support functions and line operating functions. Identifies the primary operational functions of the organization. Understands where to locate and how to read SOP and OBW information. Locates information regarding fundamental practices and policies. Lists common tasks and activities performed by operations functions and subfunctions.

Partnership & Collaboration Possesses knowledge of: Stakeholder identification; stakeholder communication; stakeholder engagement techniques; stakeholder management effectiveness tools and methods. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Owns the delivery of project activity and tasks assigned by others. Supports process updates and changes Solves simple business issues. Demonstrates functional knowledge of the business unit/organization being supported.

Employee Health and Safety Possesses knowledge of: OSHA guidelines; compliance, safety, and food safety auditing processes; regulatory inspection processes; emergency evacuations plans. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Participates in OSHA and other regulatory inspections. Participates in internal safety or health inspections. Ensures that all first aid equipment is operational. Ensures that supplies are current and fully stocked. Maintains health and safety records according to OSHA guidelines. Monitors facilities for safety hazards. Uses quality evaluation tools and techniques (for example, walkthroughs, inspections). Applies key aspects of continuous improvement processes and evaluates impacts on quality. Participates in root cause identification processes for accidents. Reports safety violations and accidents. Implements internal and external audit requirements within assigned area of work. Creates action plans to address audit findings. Validates claim records work with worker's compensation case managers for investigation of claims.

Asset Protection & Security Possesses knowledge of: Asset protection policies, practices, and guidelines; environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Works with specific types of tools used for theft prevention. Recognizes and investigates security breaches, thefts, and vandalism and reports findings to facility management. Assists in the implementation of access control procedures to prevent unauthorized access to restricted facilities. Assists with the installation of emergency and surveillance services (for example, fire alarms, refrigeration alarms, metal detectors, closed-circuit television). Maintains loss prevention records. Generates standard loss and shrinkage reports. Works to support the development and use of practices for reducing loss and shrinkage. Detects and reports incidents of loss and shrinkage, as well as related issues.

EHS Training Delivery Possesses knowledge of: Training methodologies; training content development processes; organizational training lifecycles. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Supports the activities of instructors or learning facilitator in training programs. Manages systematic approaches to solicit feedback from training participants. Utilizes the organization's training lifecycles and methodologies to support training initiatives. Explains relevant processes and procedures to contractors.

Risk Management Possesses Knowledge of: Risk management processes; risk assessment reports, risk management tools. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Produces and interprets common risk assessment and management reports. Identifies common technology, security, or financial risks relevant to assigned function or unit. Documents the key steps of a unit-specific risk management process and associated procedures. Implements or manages risk management for assigned area. Evaluate employee risk awareness and trains employees as needed. Conducts risk assessments. Collects and analyzes documentation, statistics, reports, and recommendations for continuous improvement.

Process Improvement Possesses knowledge of: To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Defines the critical workflows for executing key processes. Identifies process problems that limit performance. Focuses on the most significant problems to maximize efficiency gains. Surfaces systemic problems to be addressed at the organizational level. Implements methods for improving and establishing controls for critical processes. Coaches team members to develop process improvement skills. Leads incident investigations and root cause analysis. Provides countermeasure solutions.

Influential Communication Possesses knowledge of: Organizes thoughts and communicates credibly and concisely within scope of work. Presents to and influences team members and business partners, conveying messages through a basic understanding of the relevant context Utilizes relevant data and fact-based information to articulate results and provide recommendations in a structured manner Actively listens to others, seeks and provides constructive feedback, and provides ideas/recommendations on processes Proactively builds professional network.

Transportation Operations Possesses knowledge of: Laws, regulations, and safety rules regarding materials transportation; Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and state laws and regulations; vehicle maintenance; HazMat bill of ladings, Compliance, Safety, Accountability basics; other transportation paperwork. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Ensures the proper completion of documents required by applicable laws, regulations, and safety rules involving materials transportation. Uses databases, electronic tools, and approaches to evaluate the extent of losses and plans of control within Transportation. Understands and ensures compliance with applicable transportation-related law and regulations. Performs checks and measurements used in transportation management (for example, vehicle maintenance, HazMat bill of lading's, Compliance, Safety, Accountability basics, other transportation paperwork). Monitors and evaluates performance metrics (for example, PC/MM, OIR, DOT recordable collisions). Reviews accident files for accuracy, DOT recordability, and completeness.

Coordinates, completes, and oversees job-related activities and assignments by developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders; supporting plans and initiatives to meet customer and business needs; identifying and communicating goals and objectives; building accountability for and measuring progress in achieving results; identifying and addressing improvement opportunities; and demonstrating adaptability and promoting continuous learning.

Provides supervision and development opportunities for associates by hiring and training; mentoring; assigning duties; providing recognition; and ensuring diversity awareness.

Ensures compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity by implementing related action plans; utilizing and supporting the Open Door Policy; and providing direction and guidance on applying these in executing business processes and practices.

Customer/Member Centered: Focus on the Customer/Member : Reviews customer/member-focused data and adjusts performance to address findings. Promotes and supports associate efforts to exceed customer/member expectations. Informs associates on how to identify and locate resources to meet the diverse needs of customers/members.

Judgment: Use Appropriate Judgment : Identifies, reviews, and applies policies and procedures to make informed judgments. Identifies and uses facts, information, and expertise to set priorities and make informed decisions. Uses data and evidence to determine the causes of problems and develop solutions to address them.

Execution and Results: Manage Execution and Results : Holds associates accountable for completing work within expectations and time requirements. Plans and manages own and others' time, based on business priorities, and follows up to ensure all work requirements are completed in a timely and accurate manner. Identifies and obtains the resources needed to complete projects. Encourages associates to strive for excellence, efficiency, and quality in work practices.

Planning and Improvement: Plan and Pursue Team-Based Improvement : Coordinates and aligns planning with organizational initiatives and direction. Looks at work plans and makes changes, as needed, to achieve team or work group objectives. Sets realistic timelines for goal accomplishment. Improves work processes and practices to increase performance and results.

Influence and Communicate: Increase Commitment : Promotes ideas and links them to business needs and benefits. Builds trusting, cooperative relationships and alliances with others, inside and outside of the organization. Effectively communicates clear, up-to-date information on business plans and priorities (for example, change initiatives). Shares experience and ideas with associates across the organization.

Ethics and Compliance: Manage Ethics and Compliance : Instructs associates on how to act in accordance with policies and procedures, and supports their efforts in doing so. Ensures associates demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and ethics in work situations. Corrects ethical and compliance issues, enforcing compliance and administering appropriate consequences as needed.

Adaptability: Quickly Adapt : Demonstrates creativity and strength in the face of change, obstacles, and adversity. Adapts to competing demands and shifting priorities. Updates knowledge and skills to handle new complexities, challenges, and responsibilities. Seeks exposure to new ideas and perspectives. Helps associates adjust to and develop the capabilities needed to implement organizational change initiatives.

Talent: Supervise Associates : Provides specific, honest, accurate, and timely feedback on associate performance. Assigns tasks to associates that fit their skill levels and maximize team performance. Uses people processes (for example, selection, development, performance evaluation) to ensure effective associate performance. Recruits and hires the associates needed to meet business requirements. Teaches, guides, and assists in the development of associates.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

Option 1: Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Safety Management; Criminal Justice, Security, Industrial Hygiene; Environmental Science, or related field.
Option 2: 2 years' experience in the field of Environmental, Health and Safety or Asset Protections, Security, within Supply Chain, Retail.
Associates will be required to attend and successfully complete all job-required trainings and assessments (for example, Academy trainings, Open Door trainings, etc.).

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

1 or More Degreed Certifications (Associate Safety Professional; Loss Prevention Certifications (LPC), Certified Security Professional (CSP)., 2 or more years of investigative experience or asset protection experience in retail or warehouse., Microsoft Office Suite; SharePoint and OneDrive

Primary Location...

6055 S. FULTON PARKWAY, ATLANTA, GA 30349-0000, United States of America

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    WMT Fulfillment Service US

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