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COMPLETE Data Associate I (Japanese), ML Data Ops - Gurugram

15 days ago


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Working Location

Gurugram, Gurugram, HR, India   [ View map ]

Job Description

Whenever a customer visits Amazon and types in a query or browses through product categories, Amazon Search services go to work. Our Human Labeled Data (HLD) organization helps Search services in providing a better customer search experience by delivering quality data annotation to help improve AI/ML models driving these services.

Our vision is to create business value by delivering high quality data at scale. We look to provide easy and scalable labeling solution to support search that are high quality, cost efficient, and secure. Our vision is to enable improvement in the search experience for our customers, by accurately determining labels for products targeted by the search queries received. We collaborate closely with several machine learning (ML) applied science teams that develop and test ML models to improve the quality of semantic matching, ranking, computer vision, image processing, and augmented reality.

We are looking for highly motivated and talented candidates who will provide and/or review high quality data annotation for variety of workflows. The ideal candidate must demonstrate strong analytical & communication skills, attention to details, and a commitment to excellence.

Key job responsibilities
As a Data Associate I, ML, you will be responsible for providing timely and quality data annotation for a variety of workflows. The tasks therefore will be repetitive in nature and will require the candidate to make quick decisions keeping in mind the provided guidelines. Your key responsibilities will include (but not limited to) the below:
• Meets business metrics and goals, i.e., SLA, production, and quality targets
• Works with minimal direction
• Maintains records of day- to-day work by updating trackers or workflow tools as necessary
• Follows SOP/guidelines or manager's instructions and ensures output is quality compliant
• Contributes to project improvement and operational excellence ideas, as applicable
• Responsible for giving timely responses to stakeholders on related tasks with guidance, i.e., as per SOP and defined SLA
• Proactively raises issues /alarms that may have an impact on core deliverables or operations to manager or stakeholders
• Analyzes data and evaluate trends/ patterns and recommend generic pattern to be translated into rules
• Willingness to work with sensitive issues, including but not limited to: Adult content, Religious and philosophically sensitive issues, tobacco, weapons and other potentially offensive products
• Troubleshooting issues related to process and conduct root cause analysis if required
• Familiarity with online retail (e-commerce)

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Gurugram, HR, IND

Basic Qualifications:

• Graduate or equivalent
• Proficient in Japanese language. Candidate must demonstrate language proficiency in all the following: verbal, writing, reading and comprehension. Required language level: JLPT N3 and above
• Good English language proficiency: verbal, writing, reading and comprehension
• Strong analytical and communication skills
• Passion for delivering a positive customer experience, and maintain composure in difficult situations
• Ability to effectively and efficiently complete challenging goals or assignments within defined SLA

Preferred Qualifications:

• Basic level of Excel knowledge
• Familiarity with online retail (e-commerce industry)

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    ADCI - Haryana

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