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COMPLETE Head Nurse - Pathumwan, BKK

13 days ago


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Pathumwan, BKK, Pathumwan, BKK, Thailand   [ View map ]

1. Patient care

  • As an In-charge nurse to provide standard nursing care of dialysis patient as plan to patient in pre, post and throughout dialysis treatment.
  • Responsible for dialysis patient tertiary level and critical care level.
  • Assesses patient’s condition and symptom in pre, through out and post treatment effectively and safety.
  • Demonstrates willingness to initiate and participate in unit patient/staff education activities e.g., clinical conferences, grand rounds, patient groups
  • Makes recommendations regarding standards of patient care.
  • Deliver nursing care, plan treatment for patient with attending physician.
  • Document patient condition, treatment and progression completely.
  • Review, Evaluate and report Laboratory result.
  • Demonstrates competency in RO system, setting-up, operating the dialysis machine.
  • Assesses patient’s condition, body weight and document in hemodialysis sheet with appropriate treatment plan.
  • Be a mentor and performs venipuncture AVF, AVG in order to initiate the dialysis
  • Assessed patient’s condition and body weight post treatment to assure patient safety before discharge.
  • Educates and evaluates patient and family knowledge of kidney disease, treatment modalities and treatment plan.
  • Takes care of patient transferring with safety
  • Applies knowledge of altered health status and uses available resources for patient and family’s need
  • Review medication and blood value with patients every 1 month.
  • Performs other professional nursing activities as approved by Head Nurse.
  • Be a mentor for new renal nurse in dialysis unit and responsible for on-the-job training and experience necessary for the satisfactory performance of their roles.

2. Quality and safety

  • Acts as role model in advising other staff members on how to handle various situations.
  • Record incident or customer feedback into system within 24 hours.
  • Monitor unit indicators, record and develop result with team.
  • Monitor and check daily checklist of dialysis machine, RO system to ensure safety process
  • Monitor and check electrolyte value of dialysate when changing lot number.
  • Monitor and check bacteria and endotoxin level of dialysate monthly.
  • Document nursing record completely as professional standard
  • Assures all medical equipment has PM and calibration as schedule
  • Collaborates with support services to create an environment optimal for safe delivery of patient care services.
  • Demonstrates willingness as a leader to initiate or participate in unit quality activities for safety culture.
  • Innovates and initiates in unit CQI project development.
  • Evaluates the quality and effectiveness of nursing care administrated to patients in the unit

3. Operation Management

  • As resources for team consultation in clinical and critical patient.
  • Assigns role and responsibility to team member appropriately.
  • Monitor patient monthly time schedule, maintain adequate staffing to meet the needs of the unit.
  • Review completeness of standard medication order in Medical Record sheet and encourage involved staff to complete record as standard.
  • Monitor completeness of nursing document following standard
  • Manages all daily incident and customer feedback appropriately and report to Head nurse.
  • Prioritizes task and time management
  • Effective environment preparation
  • Monitors and checks readiness of medical supply, stock, medication and medical equipment 
  • Participates in committee activities, surveys and research pertinent to nursing practice.
  • Applies resources knowledge for patient needs appropriately 
  • Disciplines employees and initiates disciplinary action where appropriate. 
  • Reviews clinical performance of nursing personnel, completes annual evaluations and sets goals for employees of the center

4. Communication and service

  • Communicates effectively with patient and family and ensures that the patient’s problem and feedback receive the rapid response.
  • Communicates effectively with multidisciplinary team.
  • Monitor all team members to provide service for patient and family with quality of care.
  • Demonstrates willingness to take a good care and provide instruction to patient with excellent service behavior.
  • Provide excellent service and coordination with multidisciplinary team.
  • Take a response to customer feedback and initially CFB management to continue smoothly service for patient and family
  • Record all incidents and customer feedbacks into system within 24 hours.
  • Maintain cooperative working relationships with other departments and members of the health care team.
  • Be a role model in service behaviour
  • Complies with accepted dress code as a role model.
  • Maintains a professional image among colleagues and to the public as a role model.

5. Education and learning

  • As a role model to demonstrates willingness to evaluate own nursing practice.
  • Keeps abreast of current nursing literature and advice team member.
  • Avails self of continuing education programs.
  • Acts as stimulus in helping the units implement new ideas and programs.
  • Attends Thai Nephrology Nurses Society meeting or conference annually.
  • Attends company’s education courses or conference twice a year.
  • As a leader for knowledge and skill sharing with team
  • (Journal or Interesting case presentation)
  • Be a mentor for new renal nurse to practice in unit
  • Responsible for scheduling classes in the unit specifically designed for nurses and nurse assistants
  • Responsible for maintenance of employee records for training and in-service regarding state and federal regulations.

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    TH11 THA Nephromed Co.,Ltd.

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