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COMPLETE Independence Manager - Business Enablement

8 days ago


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Johannesburg, Johannesburg, GT, 2146, South Africa   [ View map ]

Job Description

As a business enablement independence manager (BEIM), you will be primarily responsible for providing direct support to client serving teams on using the Independence Code (Note 1) to asses permissibility of non- assurance services (NAS) to for our large and priority audit clients.


Note 1: Independence Code refers to the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) Code of Professional Conduct and as adopted by the IRBA in to the IRBA Code of Professional Conduct (independence standards).


You will also be required to know and understand the Independence code and also the incremental requirements of the Global Independence Policy issued by EY which is consistent with the IESBA code but is often stricter in some areas.


The role is in South Africa, primarily in Johannesburg, working with our large teams across the countries that form part of our Africa member firms . You will be working directly with senior executives on client serving terms and usually directly with the Global Client Serving Partner (GCSP) assigned to the client.    


The primary functions of the BEIM are the following


  1. To provide technical support to our account and engagement teams working in Consulting, Tax, Strategy & Transactions and other service lines outside of assurance to identify permissible non-audit services (NAS) which can be delivered to non-audit clients.
    1. This may require working with teams to identify whether services can be changed (if necessary) to be permissible and still deliver value to our clients
    2. You will be driving increased NAS penetration in these priority accounts while maintaining our Independence standards as per Note 1. This may require maintaining registers, revenue tracking and acting on feedback/directives by the Africa Independence team.
  2. In assisting with part 1 you will be required to assist teams with the preparation of documentation which may include:
    1. Our independence evaluation memoranda (IEMs) which are required for all NAS for audit clients;
    2. Consultation memoranda where there is a higher degree of subjectivity to enable our independence professional to provide concurrence on conclusions reached;
    3. Pre-Concurrence and Pre-Approval memoranda (as applicable) for audit committee approvals of NAS.
    4. Account planning briefs or account strategy document that span across Consulting, Tax, Strategy & Transactions to drive proactive submissions of the above audit committee memoranda.
  3. Assisting GSCPs and lead audit partners (LAPs) to determine if services are within the agreed thresholds of the audit committee approvals by tracking and monitoring the materiality thresholds of the total sales value of NAS services per priority account.Importantly, the role is to be able to identify and flag independence permissibility concerns and to advise the team on whether it may be possible (or not) to alter the service to be permissible. As part of this process, you will be primarily responsible for determining when consultation with our independence function is either required by policy or possible best practice in otherwise unclear scenarios. 
  4. Supporting our GCSPs on executing other pre-engagement activities required by our risk management and other policies prior to winning and executing an engagement. This will include using our various electronic tools to evaluate client and engagement acceptance and other CRM related matters.
  5. Developing guidance notes, templates, enablers and other documentation (following approval from independence and quality teams) which enables the learnings from the above activities to be shared and used on other clients.
  6. Assisting the client terms with prepared Business Relationship evaluation entries when we are required to use contractors as part of the NAS.
  7. Confirming the data integrity of system information for priority accounts to ensure alignment across different internal systems to enable the informed decision-making of the permissibility of potential services.
  8. Assisting NAS teams with other related independence queries.
  9. Ensuring you build strong relationships with the independence and service line quality teams and ensure you remain up to date on all our policies and learnings relating to independence and risk management.


Secondary functions of the BEIM may include:


  1. Assisting teams with personal independence matters;
  2. Developing and deploying training to service lines on matters relating to your primary functions to educate and coach teams on best practice
  3. Assist client teams and GCSPs with other administration relating to client management and pursuit including keeping quarterly Know Your Client (KYC) documentation up to date.


The role is primarily located in the Markets function at EY with an indirect reporting line to the Independence leader. Whilst the goal of the BEIM is to help drive markets activity, the critical success factor  is to ensure we do so responsibly as a firm and are properly assessing and adhering to all independence requirements. Your role will be pivotal in ensuring that we increase permissible NAS to our clients without increasing regulatory risk. The role requires you to help shape and consider assignments, but you will not be the determinator of acceptability of a services. You will be responsible for ensuring all matters requiring consultation with the independence team are concluded timely. The Independence function will remain the custodians of all judgment calls and consultation matters. 


Therefore, in this role you will draw on your knowledge, experience and skills in interpreting and applying independence rules and guidance to help client delivery teams identify permissible services, help to escalate and consult on complex or contentious issues and to assist with driving all client pursuit activities.


 You will report to a director in the Markets function directly with an indirect reporting to the Regional and Country Independence Leaders. The first three months of the role will require you to work in the independence function shadowing the various functions to learn about our processes. In addition, you will be invited to all independence training and calls with the broader independence network. 


Managers (Assistant Directors) are generally expected to take responsibility for the execution of the detail of the above but may in some instances supervise more junior resources in the team. Presently the team is being formed and so many tasks would initially be done by yourself as the function is established.


You may also opt to take on client serving responsibilities at the discretion of the Markets director, but this is not required.


Within the markets and independence teams you will be required to build valued relationships with the executives (partners down to managers) of client serving teams, other professionals in support roles and also with your internal peers.


Working as a role model for Quality & Risk Management (Q&RM), you'll help to manage and motivate the high-performing teams you work with. In addition, you will get to work for experienced Senior Managers, Associate Directors and Partners in addition to your peers. The role will provide you with a diverse and deep experience of EYs risk management processes and wide exposure to EYs service offerings and client service teams.


Other Responsibilities


People responsibilities


  • Be recognized as a respected and supportive mentor, coach and counsellor, building career value for individuals
  • Build and develop an inclusive culture and high-performing diverse teams
  • Conduct performance reviews and contribute to performance feedback for all levels of staff
  • Contribute to people initiatives including recruiting, retaining and training Assurance professionals
  • Contribute to the maintenance of an educational program to continually develop personal skills
  • Understand, follow and communicate workplace policies and procedures to all levels of staff
  • Develop personal profile and awareness of EY offerings in the marketplace
  • Build strong and long-term relationships with key partners and senior managers
  • Act as an ambassador of EY in the market, with regulators and with clients


Qualifications and Experience


  • CA(SA) is advantageous but not required
  • Thorough knowledge of the IESBA code is required for this position given that you will only have 3 months within the EY Independence pillar/team to learn EY policies.  To be able to perform in the role you would need to have been working in a similar role providing support on independence rules for at least 2-3 years.
  • A demonstrated ability to analyse rules and apply them.
  • Sufficient experience in writing memoranda and other similar documents on technical matters
  • Experience of providing support to professionals on technical matters in a coaching and proactive manner
  • Ability to critically review a fact pattern, make enquiries, research and apply to the code to determine reasonable outcome. tasks/positions  which evidence this skillset will be required)
  • Understanding of Quality & Risk Management procedures
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • 2 – 3 years post articles experience in an auditing or similar professional environment.
  • Advantageous to have been in a part-time or full-time independence technical role in an audit firm.


Why should I work for EY’s Africa Markets team


The EY Africa markets team is the ideal environment for a professional who wishes to work in a high-performing and inclusive environment that offers you great opportunities to develop an interesting and fulfilling career focusing on technical work whilst growing skills in coaching, delegating and practical problem solving.


The environment is suited for those already specialised in independence and wish to grow their knowledge, problem solving skills and work more with client serving teams.


For a CA(SA) or for individuals with other qualifications, the role also allows potential transition into the audit business or other client serving roles by providing a strong technical base for a career transition. For all applicants the role offers movement to other service lines or units and particularly as a potential permanent role in the independence team in future years as a technical specialist.


You'll work with many multidisciplinary teams to handle complex issues and resolve challenges for client serving teams auditing or providing other non-assurance services to leading companies.


We'll support you in your professional development so you are able to achieve your highest potential. At EY, we know it's your point of view, energy and enthusiasm that make the difference.

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