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Mandisa Shiceka High School

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Mandisa Shiceka High School was established in 1995 under the auspices of the Kagiso Education Crises Committee and some educators who were volunteering their services. This establishment aimed to accommodate learners who could not be admitted to local schools due to the high rate of learners who were seeking admission. Furthermore, the intention was to offer quality teaching and learning programs.
The school was officially opened on the 6th October 2000 by Mr. Ignatius Jacobs, the MEC for education. Mandisa Shiceka High school is a public school under the Gauteng Department of Education. It is named after the late Mandisa Shiceka who was a member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. Dr. V.K. Joseph was officially appointed as the 1st principal of the school in August 1998.
We have a Teacher / Learner ratio of 1:30 and our school quintile is 4. The school has ±60 percent of learners whose parents are not working. Furthermore another ±20 percent of parents who are working earn below minimum wage. This situation presents a challenge where parents are not able to meet the basic needs of their children. They cannot afford to provide lunch, in a form of food or pocket money for their children.
Ensuring a high level of academic excellence through quality teaching and learning through maximum participation of all stakeholders. Our vision is to make sure that learners develop certain knowledge, values, and attitudes that will ensure that when they leave school their behavior will make them responsible and independent citizens that will be productive in a global community.
The school is consistently achieving good results for the past 10 years. We have been titled as having the best chess team for our district. We also have won a trophy and 2 football kits in the Silver Stars Competition for under 16.
Once again Mandisa Shiceka High School remains one of the shining stars of Gauteng West District. It has sustained a good record of producing outstanding matric results. Last year i.e. 2017, the school produced 97.2% (matric pass) results.
Two Learners achieved distinctions in all subjects. We are very proud of their achievements and wish them well in their future endeavors.
Based on these achievements, the school is now on the MEC’s roll-out program of ICT i.e very soon our school will also go paperless. Learners will receive tablets and smart boards will be installed in classrooms.
We offer the following extra-mural activities: Soccer, Netball, Chess, Public Speaking, Rugby, Arts and Culture Groups, and Basketball.

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