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Navalsig High School

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Navalsig High School is a multicultural school that strives towards developing the excellence of each individual's God-given talents in learning, teaching, and services, thus empowering each one to contribute towards our renaissance.
As Navalsig High School offers comprehensive education in different study courses, all learners interested in enrolment must apply at the school in good time and provide proof that they are competent for the courses on offer. Certain external factors, eg. place of residence, feeder schools, and relatives at the school, will be taken into account.
School-based assessment (SBA) is the assessment of the learner’s performance carried out on an ongoing basis at the learning site by the educator, using various assessment techniques. SBA will thus help to re-instate the culture of continuous teaching and learning.
We are very proud of the achievements of the school over the past two decades. To celebrate Navalsig High School’s contribution to the community, we are planning great festivities for the weekend of 1 to 3 August. The purpose of the celebrations is to bring the whole Navalsig High School community together and celebrate our love for the school. The program will include a formal dinner for former students. On Saturday we are planning a huge arts-and-crafts market, Navalsig old-boys vs Brebner old-boys soccer match as well as u/19 soccer and netball matches.
There will also be netball matches for former Navalsig players. On Saturday evening we will host Navalsig’s got talent in the school hall. The festivities will be concluded with a spiritual program in the gym hall on Sunday morning with current learners, parents, and former learners all combining in fellowship. During the weekend we want to allow our current learners to enjoy themselves and meet former students. We also want to give our current learners the chance to showcase their talents and develop their entrepreneurial skills. The proceeds from the reunion will go towards a library/media center for our learners.
This event will allow current learners to practice their entrepreneurial abilities. A stand of 3m by 3m will be allocated to participants on the hockey field. Application forms are available at the school office. Parents or Guardians of current Navalsig learners will pay R100 for the use of the stand and will be granted the opportunity to sell arts, crafts, food, or other approved goods. The public will be invited to attend and the media will cover the festivities live from our sports fields. The arts-and-crafts market will be advertised on radio stations as well as in newspapers. People who are not associated with the school will also be able to book a stand for the day at R250.

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