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For all parents the education of their children is of the greatest importance and selecting the right school is not an easy task. The benefit of a sound education is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on your child. It is something he/she cannot lose or have taken away from them. it will greatly influence them to realize their potential and will enhance their chances of leading a successful life.
Fide Et Fortitudine: With ‘Faith and Courage’… that’s what enables us to move forward in this highly demanding world. To be a leading school in the Amajuba District, committed to providing holistic, quality, and excellent education for a changing world To prepare our learners to meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing world. To build on our heritage, diversity, and values, developing the qualities and strengths of each young individual. To engage with the needs and interests of society and with the challenges of higher education and the workplace.
The primary focus of any school is teaching and learning. All other activities are secondary but are necessary for the whole development of a learner. There is a long tradition of academic excellence at NHS and we will continue with this mandate to deliver quality public education to all learners.
Our academic ethos encourages our students in independent thought, interest, and self-disciplined study, thereby promoting real academic readiness for tertiary study and life in general. It also encourages a high degree of academic self-motivation – one of the many reasons why our pupils are regular winners and finalists in academic competitions. Our pupils take part in numerous academic pursuits beyond the classroom: Maths, Science and Accounting Olympiads, various competitions, and Eisteddfods are all extensions of the classroom. Pupils regularly earn places in the top few in national competitions.
Grades 8 and 9 do all 8 learning areas, the only choice being Afrikaans or isiZulu as a first additional language. Our Arts and Culture learning area focuses on the two art forms Music and Visual Arts, which a child can pursue in the FET phase (grades 10-12).
In the FET (grade 10 -12) phase, NHS offers a conventional academic education with a curriculum spanning a wide spectrum of subjects to suit individual talents and preferences. The academic standards expected are high and are reflected in the excellent achievements of our learners and teachers in the public examinations and national competitions.
At NHS, we regard the sports program to be very important and integral in the holistic development of a child. The school believes that sport helps to establish a wonderful rapport between staff and pupils. Efficiently coached and organized, sport promotes friendships, group integration, self-confidence, and assists in the development of personal maturity and interpersonal skills. Not only are our top players considered – every learner is encouraged to participate and enjoy his chosen activity. The school sports policy encourages all learners to participate in at least one sport.
We at NHS are always proud of our learner's achievements in their different fields of sports. We are also proud of our overall sporting achievements over the years. The school, once renowned for its sporting prowess, has long enjoyed a tradition of excellence on the sports field. This is why we are embarking on a major drive to start our very own Sports Development Academy together with the Department of Sports and Recreations Sports Focus School program.
Cultural and Service activities have always been part of the balanced make-up of learners at Newcastle High School. Our school is known for individual learners’ participation in activities spanning the entire spectrum of culture, service, and sport.
We encourage our learners to participate in the wide range of cultural and service events on offer. This extra-curriculum program at Newcastle High is diverse to cater to the variety of interests of our learners. Cultural and Service activities are structured to augment both individual and team performances. The educational value of personal development through involvement in cultural and service activities is far more important than the number of awards obtained at the end of the day.

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