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Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng

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The rich history of the Royal Bafokeng Nation can be traced back to 1140 and is characterized by a spirit of independence, adaptability, and foresight. Under the insightful leadership of Kgosi Mokgatle, who reigned from 1834 to 1891, the men of the Bafokeng left Phokeng to raise money by working on the diamond mines in Kimberley. As black South Africans could not own property at that time, the Bafokeng Nation pooled its money and bought land with the help of Lutheran missionaries, who fronted the purchases and then held it in trust for the community.
In the 1920s, platinum deposits were discovered on Bafokeng land, which led to a wave of encroachment over the years by mining companies. With the arrival of democracy in 1994, the Bafokeng, under Kgosi Edward Lebone Molotlegi (Lebone I), was for the first time able to legally control their territory, negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement with mining companies, and gain a stake in the mines and earning rights from their land’s use. It is with the profits from these rights that the Nation is now able to invest in civil and infrastructure programs to uplift its community.
Visionary leadership has led to the Bafokeng Nation’s prosperity – a tradition that is carried through to its investment in projects such as Lebone II – College of the Royal Bafokeng.
The school was established as the vision of Kgosi Lebone II (1995-2000), who founded a world-class education facility in Phokeng. This vision has been further supported and nurtured by Kgosi Leruo Tshekedi Molotlegi (2000-present). Under Kgosi Leruo, the school moved to its new world-class campus in 2012, and he remains unwavering in his support of the school and the development of excellent educational opportunities and facilities for the Nation.
Lebone II is an African school with a royal heritage, grounded in Setswana culture and shaped by a consciousness of our African context. It is in this spirit that we celebrate difference, and are proud of a student and staff body that is truly diverse.
What makes us unique is our Royal Bafokeng heritage, our service to the community, and our approach to education. Lebone II aims to provide the inspiration, education, and opportunities that positively influence the Royal Bafokeng Nation and the world.
Our learning environment is dynamic, innovative, and creative. We equip our students with the skills, tools, and mindfulness necessary for them to complete their academic careers and make a positive contribution to their communities, South Africa, and the rest of the world.
At Lebone II, every child is seen and taken care of. We focus on all aspects of our students’ well-being, combining academic excellence with a comprehensive cultural and sporting program, as well as pastoral care. Our excellent teaching and boarding facilities further enhance this, and the school allows children to learn, live and grow in an uplifting environment.
Lebone II is a research-driven school where high-quality learning programs are developed in line with international best practices. Ours is a school that encourages curiosity and experimentation while following the example of some of the best educational institutions around the world. We are focused on achieving excellence and our alumni have a strong track record of success. Lebone II’s staff members are an exceptional group of experienced education specialists dedicated to improving education in our school, community, and country.
Our school was built to foster a sense of community. We designed the school to take on the shape of a village, where departments are defined as neighborhoods and the space between is communal and social. We believe that everyone at Lebone II belongs with us and can be uplifted by us, and we welcome them compassionately.
Our values shape the purpose and reality of our school. We not only communicate with them – we live and teach them. In addition to equipping our students with skills that will provide them with a solid academic foundation, we teach them our values to foster a sense of belonging at Lebone II, where they support and have respect for one another and the broader school community.
Our values are important to us and are an illustration of what we as a school stand for and believe in. We bring our school values to life through the #livingourvalues campaign, where we explore what each value stands for, and encourage students and teachers to practice these values and live out their meaning.
Each year our Grade 4 students explore the question “What influence do leaders have in communities and how does it impact your life?” Their exploration includes their consideration of what we can learn from our leaders and the identification of good leadership traits. At the same time, they explore the history of the Royal Bafokeng Nation, where they are tasked to collect and research objects and materials of cultural, religious, and historical importance for the Nation. The students display all their findings at their wonderful ‘Bafokeng Museum’, where they take turns to present their findings and insights to visiting staff and students.

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