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AIIMS Patna - All India Institute of Medical Sciences


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AIIMS Patna - All India Institute of Medical Sciences

AIIMS Patna is the vision of the Hon’ble ex-Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who decided to give the nation six regional AIIMS with the mandate to provide the most modern healthcare to the last man in the queue at an affordable cost.AIIMS Patna was created by the ordinance dated July 16th, 2012, and then the Act (Amendment), 2012, on July 2nd, 2013.
Six new AIIMS have been created and taken care of by the PMSSY (Prime Minister Swasthya Suraksha Yojana).
The work started in 2010 with construction in six packages by the Project Monitoring Unit of the MoHFW and is referred to as the AIIMS project. A Superintending Engineer did the project management at individual sites on behalf of the MoHFW, the DPR consultant, the project consultant, and the contractors.
Recruitment of faculty for all six AIIMS was undertaken by the MoHFW being coordinated by AIIMS Patna from November 2011, which processed six thousand five hundred online applications for 546 posts in Six New AIIMS by September 30th 2012. The institute is also in the process of recruiting more faculty and starting new departments.


The Hospital  is well developed now, catering to approximately 1500 outpatients per day, with each department having its own OPD block area, running 3 major state of the art semi-modular operation theaters, and two minor operation theaters, in all performing more than 250 surgeries per month. It runs round the clock laboratory and has world class radiology with CT, MRI, Biplane DSA, Digital mammography, digital radiography, ultrasound with color doppler facilities.
The institute also has a telemedicine programme called Chhattisa, a community outreach programme which has conducted more than 100 health camps.
The medical college is a fully functional central air conditioned building with wifi and has the various teaching departments  along with their teaching and research laboratories.


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Yeah, that's nice info, People can contact the AIIMS Patna hospital administration for more detail.

Name Designation Email Address Contact No.
Prof. Prabhat Kumar Singh Director [email protected] 0612-2451109
Shri. Parimal Sinha Deputy Director [email protected] 0612-2451108
Dr. Umesh Kumar Bhadani DEAN [email protected]  
Prof. C.M. Singh Medical Superintendent [email protected] 0612-2451105
Prof. Prem Kumar Controller of Examination [email protected]  
Prof. Prem Kumar Faculty Incharge IT [email protected] 0612-2451120
Prof. Bindey Kumar Chief Vigilance Officer [email protected]  
shri. Mohan Kumar Financial Advisor (Addl. Charges) [email protected]  
Er. Alok Kumar Superintendent Engineer [email protected]  
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Faculty Incharge Store [email protected]  
Dr. Tribhuwan Kumar Faculty Incharge Procurement [email protected]  
Dr. Arun Prasad Faculty Incharge Reservation Cell    
Shri. Narsingh Mahto Senior Administrative Officer [email protected]  
Shri Satish Kumar Singh Administrative Officer [email protected] 0612-2451006



  Department Name Email Address Contanct No.
1 Anesthesiology [email protected]  
2 Anatomy [email protected]  
3 Biochemistry [email protected] 0612-2451104
4 Burns and Plastic Surgery [email protected]  
5 Community & Family Medicine [email protected] 0612-2451106
6 Cardiothoracic Surgery [email protected]  
7 College of Nursing [email protected] 0612-2451201
8 Dentistry [email protected]  
9 Dermatology [email protected]  
10 Forensic Medicine & Toxicology [email protected]  
11 Gastroenterology [email protected]  
12 Surgical Gastroenterology [email protected]  
13 General Medicine [email protected]  
14 General Surgery [email protected]  
15 Microbiology [email protected]  
16 Medical Oncology & Haematology [email protected]  
17 Obstetrics & Gynecology [email protected]  
18 Orthopaedics [email protected] 0612-2451068
19 ENT [email protected]  
20 Pediatrics [email protected]  
21 Pediatrics surgery [email protected] 0612-2451072
22 Pathology / Lab Medicine [email protected]  
23 Pharmacology [email protected]  
24 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation [email protected] 0612-2451053
25 Physiology [email protected] 0612-2451101
26 Psychiatry [email protected]  
27 Pulmonary Medicine [email protected]  
28 Radio-diagnosis [email protected] 612-2451064
29 Radiotherapy [email protected]  
30 Neurology [email protected]  
31 Neurosurgery [email protected]  
32 Ophthalmology [email protected]  
33 Transfusion Medicine & Blood Bank [email protected] 612-2451067
34 Trauma & Emergency [email protected]  
35 Information technology [email protected] 0612-2451120
36 Ayush [email protected]  
37 Engineering [email protected]  
38 Pharmacy [email protected]  
39 Surgical Oncology [email protected]  
40 Neonatology    
41 Urology    
42 Cardiology  
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