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Emily Carr University of Art and Design


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The Emily Carr experience engages authenticity and connectivity. Our passion and dedication attract like-minded individuals and groups, fused by a shared and genuine commitment to interdisciplinary education, research, collaboration and excellence in visual arts, media arts and design. By placing students at the centre of our mission and vision, we commit to ensure that our degrees, programs and projects are relevant, agile and responsive to the changing and diverse needs and interests of both students and society.

We believe that education and research in the creative fields is vital for the cultural and economic growth of local and global communities, and encompasses a range of methods including critical and creative inquiry, artistic creation and making, partnership and exhibition. We respect and value diversity, and enhance bridging and accessibility via our aboriginal, international, financial, internal, and external capacity building.

As a university, we believe that good citizenship includes a strong commitment to sustainability, and we understand that it is through collaboration accountability, transparency and dynamic interaction with industry and community partners that Emily Carr and the community at large will benefit. We strive to create lasting value for culture, community and economy. We do so through the delivery of research that increases quality of life and education that provides an unparalleled platform for a life and a living that is ethical, inspired, instrumental and meaningful.

Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a school of students, teachers, thinkers and makers unlike any other – at once laser-focused and infinite by practice and nature. Established in 1925, we are the only specialized, accredited, public, post-secondary university in British Columbia solely devoted to education and research in the creative sector and its associated knowledge economy. We merge research, critical theory and studio practice in an interdisciplinary environment, strengthening our work by the integration of our personal and professional practices. Our strategy, facilities, partnerships and resources are intentionally student-centred to foster dialogue, expression and open connections in support of the next generation of creative and cultural leaders.

Our home base in Vancouver – a young, vibrant city, known for its verve, beauty and unparalleled livability – reflects our core belief: Creativity will always be our greatest natural resource, individually and collectively. Inspired by this belief, our programs offer undergraduate, graduate degrees, and applied research in the fields of visual arts, media arts, and design, as well as professional certificates, pre-university, and lifelong learning in these areas.

Our vision for our campus at Great Northern Way on the False Creek Flats of Vancouver, BC is a place so extraordinary that it celebrates the creativity of the human spirit in all its forms of expression. This is the first purpose-built institution of art + design in Canada and is unlike anything seen before, captivating and motivating a new generation of thinkers, creators and makers as well as welcoming the community at large to experience all that we are.

We mark the 2015/'16 academic year by celebrating our 90th Anniversary of innovative and transformative teaching. We take pride in the vision, dedication, passion and contribution to the local, national and global art, design and media communities. We take our place among the top post-secondary art, media and design institutions in Canada and we embrace our growing global stature among our esteemed educational peers.

We continue to pursue excellence in honour of our namesake artist Emily Carr, with her true spirit of the avant-garde – fostering creativity, experimentation and innovation, with respect and reverence for diversity and indigenous cultures. We do this via our unwavering commitment to be student-centred and research-focused, keenly engaged with our student body, teaching and research faculty, staff and our community.

Our partnerships in the business, philanthropic, arts, performance and general community have never garnered more support, been more inspirational or more gratifying than they are today. We go forward, keenly aware of the strength of our shared history and collectively excited by the vision for the future of our institution.

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